Improved Murphy Rink is a Symbol of Pride and Stability


Among the many things that make a community great is having people who reside within willing to work hard to preserve cherished traditions and institutions that they hold dear. This type of greatness was clearly on display last weekend as the newly renovated and much improved DCR’s Murphy Skating Rink was rededicated in memory of a true neighborhood icon – Frances L. Murphy. As most know, ‘Frank’ Murphy; a former U.S. Marine and Boston Firefighter dedicated his life to helping others which is what real heroes do.

That the Murphy Rink still stands proudly and welcomes all is also a tribute to other dedicated heroes in the form of so many neighborhood residents; volunteers all, who have over the years put in their time and effort to giving local youths not just a place to gather, have fun and learn and develop their ice skating and hockey skills but also; in the lives of so many, a place to call a second home.

The importance of the rink and what it has meant and continues to mean to residents for generations was confirmed at last week’s rededication by the turnout of elected representatives, state and city officials, firefighters and police, South Boston Youth Hockey volunteers and neighbors of all ages who together, played a role in making sure that the Murphy Rink will continue to provide recreational opportunities well into the future and be a symbol of a thriving town. We believe that this would and does make Francis L. Murphy proud.