The Information Center – Another College Professor Having a Meltdown


College Professors – Don’t you just love them?  Before ripping into yet another College Prof, which is something often done on this page, I want to make it clear that some of them are fantastic educators and great Americans. And then of course there are those ‘other ones’.

One of the major causes of so many college students becoming whiny little ‘snowflakes’ can be laid directly at the feet of some of their professors and of the university administrators that don’t have the ‘stones’ to stand up to either group.  Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the effort, taking place on many of this country’s campuses, to indoctrinate students to the leftist ideology of academia’s America-hating faculty.

One name that has come up before is that of George Ciccariello – Maher. This is the guy who made news last year when he tweeted the following magical gem: “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.” He came close to out-doing himself two weeks ago, with this latest gift: “Some guy gave up his seat for a uniformed soldier. People are thanking him and I’m trying not to vomit and yell….”. This was in response to a fellow first class passenger on a commercial airline flight, who insisted on giving the soldier his luxury accommodations in a generous effort to thank him and show appreciation for the soldier’s service to our country.  He wouldn’t take no for an answer. This brought applause from the rest of the passengers who also thanked the soldier.

How would you like this guy, this so-called educator teaching your college-age son or daughter that you pay a fortune to send to a university?  And he, Ciccariello-Maher, is just one of so many other professors, who think and act just like him and want the youth of America to follow in their footsteps of hate of country.

One of the best responses among the tens of thousands that swiftly came Ciccarriello – Maher’s way on social media was the following by Kurt Schlichte, an attorney and a retired Army Colonel”.  To Ciccariello –Maher he said: “You tried not to vomit or yell? No, you just sat there like a little bitch. Ignored, irrelevant, wishing you were a man”.  This sums it up well, I think. I try never to put curse words in this column, but I do believe an exception was warranted this time.

As this column is being written, the US Senate is in session debating and voting on the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to become the next Justice on the United States Supreme Court.  Gorsuch has a record of accomplishment second to none and has in the past won the confidence and the votes and even high praise from members of BOTH parties. Isn’t it interesting how this good man, acknowledged by so many not to have a bigoted bone in his body, can now be labelled a racist by those trying to deny him a seat on the highest court in the land and who were some of the same people who sang his praises so often just prior?

And isn’t it typical how quickly the left side of the DC aisle and members of their leftist base are so quick to label anyone and everyone a racist. They do so even when they are nothing of the kind, but only for having different views?

Polls show that most Americans believe Neil Gorsuch is a good and decent man and want him confirmed to the Supreme Court. He IS good and decent and most of all, very qualified.  They also are tired of the tactics of demonizing anyone, who does not tow a specific political line with lies and deceitful tactics. Americans are smart and becoming more savvy with each passing day. They are wise to the partisan wars of obstruction that go on each and every day in Washington and on local levels and they demand it be stopped.

At this writing, it’s not known whether Neil Gorsuch will be confirmed.  It may not be known until as late as Friday. Hopefully he will be, because he should be.