The Information Center – Some Final Thoughts on Super Bowl LI



Overshadowing all the events taking place in Washington, the rest of the country and around the world – at least as far as people in New England are concerned (and yes, maybe the folks in Atlanta too) – is of course last Sunday’s Super Bowl. So, for this week and maybe just a bit longer, why not stay on topic?

What does the incredible turnaround in last Sunday’s game tell us? Among other things, that against all odds, if you remain calm and composed and tap into your talent and skills that you know you have, giving up or letting down in your determination to win should never be an option. The ‘Pats’ know this and they showed us all how it’s done last week. If anyone understands the true meaning of the phrase ‘Grace under pressure’ it is certainly them. I can’t remember when I’ve seen so many of our neighbors this happy and ready to celebrate. And celebrate they did after the game ended and celebrate they continued to do on Tuesday in the streets of Boston for the victory parade. Oh what, it was rainy, snowy, windy and cold for the parade? Talking to the celebrants that day, few noticed and even fewer cared. It was party time and party they did.

The game of course was the main thing on people’s minds, but there were a few other related issues that played into it all. Such as?

How satisfying was it to watch Roger Goodell having to hand the trophy to the Patriots and forced to acknowledge Tom Brady’s MVP status? To steal a phrase uttered by many of our readers: “Goodell looked a bit DEFLATED”. The much-anticipated halftime show by Lady Gaga was not an anti-Trump political rant like so many in Hollywood and in the news media had demanded she do.  This infuriated the professional protesters but delighted the fans. Instead, she started off the show with the song ‘God Bless America’ and actually brought a unifying theme to the performance to the stage. I’m no big fan of Lady G, but credit should be given where due. She was great.  Her show was a refreshing improvement from the disgraceful cop-hating act by Beyoncé the previous year. Oh, and who can forget the beautiful rendition of our National Anthem by the fantastic Luke Bryan at the start of the game? Country Music stars love America and our nation’s Anthem and always sing it proudly.

Could anything have been improved upon for Super Bowl LI?  Not the game. The 4th quarter will live in the memory of millions forever and easily made up for the scare during the first three. Well, in addition to canning the majority of the governing body at the NFL, Goodell high among them, the commercials, which have been part of the highlights of the Super Bowl experience to many left much to be desired. Traditionally, Super Bowl commercials have been creative, heartwarming, and happy and in many cases very funny. They used to be memorable and entertaining. Now, some of these sponsors with the blessing of the NFL are trying their hardest to indoctrinate Americans. Compared to other years, Super Bowl commercials this year were boring, preachy and political and in a sense insulting. Americans don’t like to be told how and what to think and believe by out of touch CEO’s of big companies and organizations with an agenda while they are trying to enjoy an event like the Super Bowl or for that matter, any other event. But the flyover by the squad of Fighter Jets is always impressive and this year it was also great and stayed true to form.

And just a comment about Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. During the whole ordeal with so called ‘Deflate Gate’, Brady, to his credit, maintained his poise and his dignity. And Coach Belichick – what can you say? You’ve got to love this guy. He takes no bull from the sports media. We’ve often heard about reporters and sports writers complaining that he gives them no respect. Well, in order to get respect, you need to give it.  This is something these media types will never learn. This is a coach who has absolutely no fear of the press and it’s great entertainment watching him constantly putting these media hacks in their place.

I’ll end this week’s column with a quote going viral on social media that is giving many a reason to ponder the question it asks at the end. It’s directed toward some of the protestors railing against President Trump’s proposed extreme vetting of refugees coming in from certain countries with heavy terrorist influences. Read it and see what you think: “On Mondays, they march and protest for Gay Rights. On Tuesdays, they march and protest for Women’s Rights. Yet, on Wednesdays, they march and protest and demand that people, who believe in and tolerate neither, be allowed into our country by the tens of thousands. Can it get any more inconsistent, foolish or dumb??   Let that sink in.