The Information Center – Now it’s Sandwiches Causing ‘Climate Change’

“And the Grammy goes to…Just kidding, no one cares”.  This was a meme that went viral on social media last Monday in response to the 2018 Grammy (music awards). These ten words seem to define the continuous drop in popularity that has been happening to so many of the glitzy award shows. They have been taken over by egotistical self-absorbed ‘celebrities’, using the forum as a soapbox to preach their brand of politics as they chastise everyone and everything they disagree with, especially Middle America.

That these shows have now turned into Trump-bashing hate fests has only increased the speed by which viewers are tuning out. As the numbers came in, much to the shock of those performers who were convinced that the public hangs on every word they utter, it was learned that this year’s Grammy Awards ratings were even worse than 2017 which reached yet another low.  The fact that the 2018 ratings saw an additional drop off of 20% even from last year should send a message to the insufferable scolds on stage, who believe it’s their duty to tell the rest of us how to live our lives.

I know, I’ve mentioned this topic before and this is not to criticize those who still tune into these shows. I personally wouldn’t watch them if my eye lids were glued open and taped to the video screen. It’s a personal choice and everyone has the right to their own views on this. No, this is just to express the satisfaction it brings to so many of us to witness the self-righteous falling from their teetering pedestals.

Moving on to ‘Climate Change’ again: The gathering of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland last week brought together many of those who pledge themselves and tried to pledge American taxpayer money to stopping what they call man-made Global Warming. It was reported that they arrived at the conference in more than 1000 fossil fuel guzzling, pollution spewing private jets. Many of these jets carried but 2 or 3 passengers. So, it kind of makes it hard to take these people seriously.

But the latest thing to come out of England is that there is yet another cause of Climate Change – sandwiches. And the worst culprits of all are breakfast sandwiches. This is according to ‘scientists’ at the University of Manchester in England. This is almost too ridiculous to believe, so I invite you to go to your favorite search engine and look it up for yourselves. Yet, as comical as this sounds, it still can’t compare to the scoffing that followed several years back when the British Parliament actually took up the topic and attempted to pass a resolution telling people they should stop eating beans because of the well-known after effect of consuming that product and the impact they insisted it had on the atmosphere. Yup, you might want to look that one up too. Said an embarrassed British sailor in the Royal Navy to an American reporter, “Europe is turning into the Theatre of the Absurd”.

To Nancy Pelosi, getting a bonus of a thousand dollars from your employer sounds like insignificant crumbs. She made this clear recently when major companies began announcing that they would be passing out the $1000 bonuses to their employees thanks to the recent tax reform package. She was furious. This confirmed, yet again, how out of touch so many in Washington really are. In many places, the tax cuts have already begun to take effect. In fact, several of our South Boston neighbors have posted on social media that they are pretty darned happy with the extra $30, $40, $50 and more they just started getting in their paychecks each week because of less taxes being taken out. Now to Pelosi and Schumer and the like, the fact that people anywhere in America are actually having their taxes CUT instead of raised is the cause of anxiety attacks. And when they see the unemployment rate drop to an 18-year low among minorities as well as whites, instead of being happy that the economy is roaring back and people are doing better, they are worried that their prospects for the next election keep dimming. Their priorities are apparent and do not lie with American citizens. This should no longer be a surprise to anyone.