The Information Center – In Philly, They Still Celebrate by Destroying Property

The Boston Police have a system and a great plan put in place for dealing with rowdies after a big sporting event. Several years ago, they learned a lesson when, after a Super Bowl, thousands of fans swarmed into the streets downtown and went on a rampage destroying property. Now, the BPD is prepared to deal with any and all such incidents and have been able to keep things peaceful; whether the home team wins or loses; no matter what the sport might be and do so with precision and professionalism and a minimum of force.

In Philadelphia, they haven’t quite gotten the hang of it as was witnessed last Sunday night when in response to their team’s Super Bowl win, mobs took to the streets and smashed windows, set fires and tipped over cars. How bad would they have acted it the Eagles lost is anyone’s guess? It’s hard to understand the mentality that prompts people to go on a rampage of destruction after a sporting event or a concert or anything else that attracts big crowds. But small minds in the heads of dumb people never cease to amaze.

A belated comment on the State of the Union address two weeks ago: More small minds were on display as the ‘Left’ side of the room sat on their hands and refused to clap for even the things mentioned in the president’s speech that everyone could agree on. There was the 12-year-old kid who on his own, placed 40,000 American Flags on veteran’s graves. There was the excellent employment news with new jobs coming back and the number of people unemployed at a record low. Businesses giving raises and bonuses to their employees were mentioned. There were the hero first responders, police and military personnel who risked their own lives while saving the lives of others and so many other good news stories. But politics being what it is, the majority of Democrat lawmakers sat stone faced and silent while Pelosi, Schumer and their other leaders openly scowled and some even hissed. Real classy.

But to the dismay of the disrespectful politicians, the public liked the speech just fine. CBS, no friend of President Trump’s, did a poll immediately after and found that more than 75% of the American public liked and approved of the president’s speech and that included 43% of Democrats. I have not watched a State of the Union address in 7 years, but decided to tune in to this one to listen to what our new president had to say. I liked it – a lot. In addition to the Right side of the room chanting USA USA, the most enjoyable and important thing I took away from it as did so many other Americans in the surveys that followed was that President Trump made it crystal clear with no backing off, that from here on in, it was going to be ‘America First’. And while America First doesn’t mean America Alone – the interests of this country and the wellbeing of American citizens will be priority number one as it should be. Because as he said, as President of the United States, that’s what he was elected to focus on. And after eight long years of ‘everything wrong in the world is America’s fault’ as was put forth by his predecessor, it was oh so refreshing to hear that those dark days are now over.

The response by readers to this column tells me that a popular feature here is when I announce what new things they are calling racist each week. In recent weeks, we’ve learned that the ever-growing list includes Farmer’s Markets, eating meat, drinking milk and going to ‘Kid Rock’ concerts. For those who may not yet have read or heard, new on the list is ‘Yoga’. Ah yes, you read that right. That passive eastern form of exercise growing in popularity among the public has been added to the list. How could that be you ask? Well, according to yet another bonkers college professor who works at Michigan State University – White people practicing Yoga is racist and are tools for white supremacists. Professor Shreena Ghandi, a religious studies teacher claims that people who do the ‘downward facing dog’ position are taking part in ‘cultural appropriation’ and therefore are racists.

So, to all of you readers out there who thought you were enriching yourselves spiritually and physically by practicing Yoga, you need to stop it – now, lest you be called a racist. You must look for some other form of physical activity to help stay in good shape. But hurry, because the odds are within a short period of time some other nutty college professor will proclaim that your new past time is racist too.