The Information Center – Does President Trump Have Supernatural Powers Too?


President Trump has been in the news a lot this week but we’ll get to his political and policy activities right after this amazing news:

Who knew that the President had such talents and abilities?  It seems he has powers beyond the average human. While he might not be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, it seems he is able to affect the lives of his critics in other, maybe even sinister, ways. It was announced over the weekend by Barbara Streisand that the President has caused her to get fat. It was only a few weeks ago, that actress/comedian Lena Dunham said President Trump has caused her to lose 30 pounds. It’s not yet known if he uses a crystal ball, potions and spells or satanic curses to accomplish these amazing feats of magic. But whatever it is, 4-8 years from now, when he leaves office, he could probably easily make a living as a dietary consultant for those who wish to lose OR gain weight. Again, who knew?

It has been a couple of weeks now since President Trump made his first ever speech to a joint session of Congress. It was a speech that surveys immediately following indicated that more than 70% of Americans had a positive opinion about and that it was delivered in a uniting way. Even many Democrats thought it was well delivered and stated as much during interviews right after. But, as we all witnessed, either while watching it live or seeing the clips in the days following, there were a percentage of Democrat lawmakers whose actions during the address were, to use measured and tempered wording, a disgrace.

Making scowling faces and hissing and groaning sounds, giving ‘thumbs down’ gestures and sitting on their hands when the rest in the Congressional chambers were giving standing ovations to the grieving widow of one of America’s Navy Seal heroes was disgusting to watch. It’s something that might take place in a European parliament or some third world country, but not at a joint session of the US Congress.

Some of the policies the president announced that some Democrats refused to applaud and in fact clearly showed disdain for that night were as follows:

Putting America first; preventing jobs from leaving the country and going to foreign lands; creating an agency that would assist Americans, who have been victims of illegal alien crime; enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books; better securing our borders and strengthening our underfunded and weakened military were only some. But the dead silence that came from that side of the isle, when he said that, as President, his job is not to represent the world, his duty is to represent the United States of America, was telling. That some elected to Congress would oppose these things made it clear that evening just where their priorities are and where their loyalties lie.

If some of those on the left side of the isle thought that they made points with the American people that night they are dead wrong. In fact, it had the opposite result. Americans are not fond of and have little respect for those in public office, who publicly display their bitter, petty and childish sides for the nation and the rest of the world to see and refuse to put the best interest of the American people as their priority.

Next up, the alternative plan to Obamacare was released last Monday and hopefully, if implemented, it will be a far superior one than what is in place now. As many experts in the medical field have stated – Obamacare is far too expensive and limiting. And while there are some who can afford to buy the insurance in the current plan, with the sky high and still climbing co-pays and deductibles, they just cannot afford to get sick. Let’s hope the new plan works out better.  It would be difficult to be any worse.