The Information Center – And We Thought Drinking Milk Was A Good Thing.


We’ve probably all heard the saying “Milk does your body good”. Well, it does and you’re a racist.

If you’re a regular reader of this column you know that from time to time we like to highlight the absurd. There are people whose ideas are so off the wall that when they espouse them the first reaction is shock and disbelief and then very often followed by rolling on the floor laughter. What comes out of the mouths and from the key boards of some of our ‘progressive’ country men and women is so nutty that it would not surprise many if it was learned that their favorite recreational activity is howling at a full moon. But in recent times at least, it seems that one of their favorite obsessions is to continually search for new things to call racist.

We all remember the school administrator who insisted that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are racist and American children should stop eating them. And of course so too are Christmas, Easter, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Columbus Day. Out of the several hundred choices for Halloween costumes, I think we are down to 3or 4 that are acceptable at places like UMass Amherst and Brown University. But now, there is a new target, labelled by a millennial columnist for the California State University student newspaper as, wait for it, ‘a symbol of hate’. And this new symbol of hate; according to the writer, Samantha Diaz is Milk. And all this time, we thought milk was a wholesome, healthy and nutritious staple necessary for providing healthy bone growth and a needed ingredient for baby formula. Had Americans known over the last 2 centuries that this chalky white liquid was capable of promoting bigotry and prejudice, well then, moonshine; the lesser of two evils may have been chosen in its place. That this politically correct attack on milk comes from a millennial, on a college campus, especially a college campus located in of all places California probably doesn’t surprise a soul.

Now there is a reason that the student writer and some enabling professors believe that milk is hateful and bigoted. Yes, they always manage to come up with justification for their ‘theories’ and the reasons given for their views are just as wacky as the statements themselves. You may want to sit down for this. You see, according to a survey quoted by that writer, 75% of people in certain racial groups are thought to be lactose intolerant and as we all know, that means that many dairy products, including whole milk have a negative effect for those who have this condition. FYI: There are a percentage of people in every racial group that are also lactose intolerant. Ok, here it comes, according to the views of Ms. Diaz, White Nationalists and Neo Nazis are using milk as a form of White Supremacy and the U.S. Government must be in collusion with these groups and that’s why officials, including those in the medical field, have been pushing and stressing the health benefits of and encouraging the drinking of milk.

Most people that read and hear about the strange views espoused by some of the reality-challenged among the population either just smile and shake their heads or consider them a laugh riot. They are possibly the reason the term ‘moonbat’ became part of the English language. But, the people who keep on putting out these bizarre theories and constantly look for new things to be offended by or afraid of aren’t joking at all. They’re actually serious and believe this stuff ,so I guess cutting them a bit of slack would be the compassionate thing to do. But really, they do provide a steady source of comedic entertainment and for that at least, we should be appreciative of all the humor they unintentionally give us.  After all, what is life without laughter?