The Information Center –  Some Thoughts On The Olympics

The Winter Olympics, at least so far, have pretty low ratings. According to surveys done early on, the interest in the Games is way down. But some expert observers, and the real experts are the everyday viewers – as in real people who tune in to be entertained believe it’s not because of the athletes themselves or the great feats of athletic prowess on display – which is impressive – but mainly because so much time is given to yakking sports commentators. Most people who follow sports, particularly the Olympics, tune in to see the events and not to listen to the endless droning on by media know-it-alls, who think it’s their job to tell you all about what you just saw for yourself on screen, as if you aren’t bright enough to know what just happened.  And the funniest part is, the sportscasters actually believe they are the main event, not the athletes themselves.

It’s also being noticed that the American media is going out of its way to actually romanticize North Korea. Americans are smart enough to know that the country of North Korea is a murderous slave state. I see no need to be anything but blunt here. That regime kills and tortures its own people, starves them in order to build more and bigger weapons with the money needed for food, and routinely executes anyone who dares utter a negative comment about the tyrannical leadership. There is little difference between North Korea and Nazi Germany and the press knows it.  And yet, American media disdain and hate is so intense for The United States and especially the Trump Family and anyone who the supports them, that they have taken to providing Kim Jong Un with nothing but the most positive of coverage also known as propaganda.

All last weekend, the usual suspects, namely the New York Times, CNN, ABC, NBC, NPR and the Washington Post – all leftist mouth pieces by any standard – were conducting a shameless campaign of trying to normalize the North Korean regime and make it seem like a wonderful, misunderstood place victimized by an evil America. As was stated, the American public is smart enough to know that that country is anything but normal. Also, a fact is the press is NOT smart enough to understand that no one is falling for their scheme.

It’s a good bet, that if given the chance to defect to the South, a decent size percentage of those North Korean Olympic athletes would jump at the opportunity, just like those Korean soldiers have been doing, even risking their lives in a hail of bullets to escape. But it’s also a good bet that the athletes don’t even dare try it, because there would be government retaliation against their family members at home.

When all is said and done, the actions on display by the US news media during these winter Olympics helps solidify the distrust and dislike that average Americans now have for them. When you have the press at every opportunity giving good, positive and fawning coverage to North Korea, while taking their subtle swipes at Vice President Mike Pence and our nation as a whole, it erases all doubt as to where the media’s loyalty lies.

To close this week, since we’re on the topic of the Olympics, lets combine it with our ‘what’s racist this week’ segment: Who knew that now, even coin tosses are racist. I’m of course referring to the embarrassing and childish actions of US Olympic Team member Shani Davis. The honor of who would carry the American Flag in the opening ceremonies came down to two people – Davis, who is black and Erin Hamlin who is white. Since these two team members were tied in the voting for the selection, established team rules specifically state that in the event of such a tie, it will be decided by a coin toss. The coin was tossed, Ms. Hamlin won so Davis immediately whined, complained and played the race card. Acting like a child, he refused to take part in the opening ceremonies, embarrassing his team mates of every race and making a complete fool of himself. Again, who knew?