Information Center – Thoughts on the Short-Lived Shutdown

If last weekend’s shut down accomplished anything, it was that, finally, the American people, no matter which side they were on during this brief but intense tug of war, now have positive proof that there are actually elected officials who care more about protecting the ability of illegal aliens to remain in this country than they do about the American citizens they have a sworn duty to protect and serve. It is crystal clear now and it didn’t go over well this time as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer learned. Playing politics at the expense of our nation’s military and 320 million other Americans is no way to conduct business in Washington. And can there still be any doubt that the goal of the open borders crowd is to flood the land with illegal’s in the effort to get more voters for the ultimate goal of taking over the government in the future. It’s not compassion, it’s politics. President Trump, as part of a recent Tweet said on Monday “…Dems just want illegal immigrants to pour into this country unchecked….” He’s right, everyone knows he’s right and there are many in Schumer’s and Pelosi’s radical voter base who want that very thing. As expected, the two US Senators from Massachusetts, Markey and Warren, voted to keep the government shut down, as did many of this state’s members in the House of Representatives. The Bay State has the embarrassing reputation of having some of the most left leaning, some would say radical, Members of Congress in the nation. Thankfully, our own Congressman Stephen Lynch cares more about the American people and their needs and does not dance on the strings of Pelosi. Lynch voted to reopen the government. At the NFL playoff game last Sunday between Philly and Minnesota, many in the crowd acted like they were at a European Soccer match. Over there, people often get so violent, they riot and try to injure the fans of the opposing teams, as well as stampede and trample other spectators, in some cases causing death. After the game, the Eagle’s fans threw rocks, bottles and any other objects they could lift at the Viking’s fans. Threats to shoot, stab and beat each other with bats filled the air, as police had to rush in and separate the opposing groups. As I said and as most people who follow sports can attest, this is not uncommon in Europe. But why would Americans want to emulate Europeans? The National Hockey League (NHL) recently announced its pick of who will be singing the National Anthem at this year’s big annual NHL Hockey All-Star Game. The league selected ‘Kid Rock’. This choice set off howls of protest from members of the news media and leftist activists all around the country because Kid Rock is a vocal supporter of President Trump and therefore must be a racist. He is of course not a racist. But remember, to the news media and leftist activists, anyone they disagree with is a racist. The NHL, in response to the protests and anger, dug in its heels and said the decision to pick Kid Rock stands – period. Maybe with the NHL’s decision, those in the media, who are so upset, might realize how angry Roger Goodell and other heads of the National Football League made millions of fans and members of America’s law enforcement, when that league brought in ‘Beyonce’ to perform her anti-police act during the halftime show at the 2016 Super Bowl. And finally, for this week, if you’re a regular reader of this newspaper, you know that all of us here at South Boston Today have tremendous respect for our country’s military. It’s a fact, that, without our armed forces, there would be no United States of America. But as magnificent as it is, even our Navy can sometimes get caught in a bind, or in this case, caught in the ice. It was reported that the Navy’s newest warship, the USS Little Rock has been ice bound in the St. Lawrence Seaway near Montreal, Canada since Christmas Eve and will probably have to remain trapped there until mid-March. Navy officials say that the ice is so thick, that an attempt to free the ship which is state of the art, fast, agile and powerful could cause it to be damaged. A story like this always brings to memory the warning Al Gore issued 10 years ago that within 5 years, because of Global Warming, there would be little if any ice remaining in the Northern Hemisphere. Is it any wonder that few people still take anything Mr. Gore and others who warn us about the weather 5,10, or 20 years into the future seriously when they can’t even accurately predict if it will rain on Sunday?