The Information Center – Some Watched the ‘Grammys’, Others Watched Snow Melt



Did you watch the ‘Grammys last Sunday? The numbers of viewers are in and they are even lower than they were for last year. The viewership continues to decline. Don’t get me wrong, there are still lots of people who tune into these celebrity award shows and that’s fine, to each their own. Personally, I had something I enjoyed doing more.  I was watching snow melt from my window.

It’s not that some of the performers aren’t good, they really are, but to quote a good friend – “The only sermons I want to hear are at Church on Sundays.” For many of us, watching spoiled, pampered millionaires preening on stage, as they bash the President and half the country and tell the rest of us how we must live our lives is getting increasingly boring. But, I did watch the news reports the following day and caught some of the ‘highlights’ of the event, only to have confirmed that the insufferable egotists still actually believe that people are swayed by their political opinions.

Watching the continuing temper tantrums over the recent election by many in the entertainment world, the media and the disgruntled is amusing. And what’s becoming more apparent by the day is realizing how much like little children they really are.

A few examples follow:

Meryl Streep attacks the president from her on stage soapbox in a rambling scolding and name-calling speech. When he responds, she returns to the stage shedding tears complaining that he called her an over-rated actress. She says that she is now the “most over-berated “actress in the world and thinks there are Nazi brown shirts after her.

Sarah Silverman, the alleged comedian and avowed Republican hater noticed the orange construction marking on the streets of New York and freaked out, because she thinks they are Swastikas.

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg and other ladies from ‘The View’ think that they will soon be arrested and jailed by the new administration.

Actor Robert DeNiro says he wants to punch the President in the face. Memo to DeNiro: stick to acting. You’re very good at it. But your tough guy image only works for you in your films. These days you seem to have a difficult time getting off your couch.

Then there is the ‘actress/comedian’ Lena Dunham who lost 30 pounds and says it’s President Trump’s fault, because she can no longer eat.

Ah, and then there are the child like types on the streets and on social media. The street protestors run around drawing Hitler mustaches on pictures of the President, some dressed up as vaginas during the march on Washington and the latest classy protest was the 300 people who gathered in front of Trump Towers in New York and mooned the building over the weekend.

These people actually believe their antics are having an effect on something. On social media, there is a juvenile campaign to try to get people to stop referring to the Commander in Chief as President Trump and instead to call him #45, as in the forty fifth President, and we have others refusing to buy clothing from the Ivanka Trump fashion line, because they hate her father.

Yes, I said hate. The hate just oozes from these people, as they continue to melt down daily. They can’t hide it because it consumes every fiber in their bodies. It’s very sad, don’t you think? It really is possible to oppose and disagree with someone without spitting venom 24/7.

It’s getting so bad that even some of the clear thinkers in the Democrat party; and yes, there are still some, are becoming alarmed and embarrassed by it and they are starting to speak out.

Former Democrat Senator Jim Webb, stated last week that he no longer even recognizes the party. It’s not his party any more. It has moved too far to the fringe left and they have no message that resonates with working people. Raymond Buckley, who is a candidate to head the Democratic National Committee (DNC), stated on Saturday that people need to get over the election and ‘Grow Up’. And there are more worried common sense Democrats speaking out against the actions of the childish every day.

Certainly, most Americans agree that people have the right to protest in this country. But they may want to change their approach and their tactics. Becoming violent will eventually get some of these little snowflakes hurt, as many Americans will undoubtedly get tired of it and respond in kind. And acting like their views are the only views allowed and doing and saying things that put them on the same intellectual level as toddlers will keep losing them support. And as they continue to demonstrate how much they hate this new administration, President Trump, despite Senate Democrats trying to obstruct every move, continues to get his cabinet nominees approved and his agenda put in place.