Letter To The Editor – Why I am Supporting Ed Flynn for City Council

We are living in an overall society where many people are tired of politics and politicians. I believe Boston is unique and our citizens are active, involved and informed.

There is an election this fall for District Two City Council.  The passing of a torch some would say as the winner of this election will only be the third person to hold this seat since being created in 1983. The lack of turnover says something about the work ethic of both departing Councillor Bill Linehan and long serving Councilor Jim Kelly.

It was Kelly who set the standard as to what was expected as he was a strong defender of the residents of district two and he evolved with the job as a champion for the entire district.  Kelly was tireless in his efforts in every neighborhood and attended both early morning meetings and late night meetings.  I know because I was present in many of these meetings over the years.

Ed Flynn will have that same type of work ethic.  I know he will because he himself is active with the issues that affect our district both early in the morning and late in the evening. I have known Ed Flynn for more than 30 years.  I watched him give of himself and his own time to make the City of Boston a better place to live.  He has been a quiet, but very present leader for the people of district two and the people of Boston.

As a father, he understands the needs of working families, the financial struggles of raising a family in a city that has become so expensive it has caused many long time residents to leave. He is a veteran and understand the needs of medical care and support services when transitioning back home.  He has been involved in crime watch groups, coaching children, he has been a steadfast friend to Boston’s older residents. Ed is a probation officer and is very much in tune with the drug issue plaguing our society.

Folks, I have known Ed Flynn for more than 30 years.  I have seen him grow and feel compassion for others.  When someone is in need of help, Ed Flynn is the first one lending a helping hand.   Folks, I ask that you join me and give Ed a helping hand.  He will be an outstanding leader for us because he listens, has compassion and truly cares.

I am voting for Ed Flynn because I want the best for our district and I want the best for Boston.  Ed Flynn is the right choice for us.


Charlie Burke is a lifelong Boston resident, a homeowner, business owner.