No Border Wall? No Voter ID Laws? Figured It Out Yet?


The above question is being put to the more naïve among the US population by a growing number of Americans, who are demanding more security on our southern border and are pretty sure they know the reason for the resistance to it by liberal Democrat politicians. The suspected reason for the resistance of course isn’t compassion for downtrodden refugees, as the likes of Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer claim. The reason is that the goal of the open borders crowd is to flood the country with as many illegal immigrants as possible, get them on the voter rolls and win elections.  It’s been said many times by many people that if Pelosi thought for a second that the flood of illegals sneaking in would vote Republican, she’d be on the border with a trowel and mortar building the wall herself.  

The recent murder of yet another police officer; this one in the Sanctuary State of California, by a criminal illegal is just one instance of a growing problem. Officer Ronil Singh, a young cop with a wife and young child, and an immigrant himself, who came to our country the right way – he applied and waited in line – was allegedly killed by a criminal illegal with a violent record, who had been deported several times, but was able to sneak back into the country because it’s so easy to do. Because of California’s Sanctuary State laws, ICE was hindered from catching him each time he did come back. When Pelosi was asked to comment on the incident, she had no comment. And why would she? What could she say? It was because of the policies that she and other politicians of her political stripe push that officer Singh’s alleged killer was able to do what he did. The blood of that police officer is on her hands and the hands of Schumer, Warren and the whole ‘Socialist wing’ of the Democrat party, as well as RINO Republicans too timid to oppose those policies. The time to build a wall is now, not later.

Iraq war veteran and amputee Brian Kolfage, who lost his limbs in battle has, as most know started a Gofundme campaign to raise the money to build the border wall. He now has nearly 200,000 supporters and has raised nearly 20 million dollars and climbing to pay for the wall. He stated, “I’m in favor of legal immigration as most Americans are but people must come here the right way and respect our laws”. “And if Congress won’t fund the wall, I and the American people will”. But Brian Kolfage shouldn’t have to be out doing what Congress should have done. And that is providing the money needed to secure our border and by doing so, strengthen national security.

But here’s a way to do that makes perfect sense and wouldn’t cost tax payers a dime. A proposal by Texas Senator Ted Cruz and being pushed by actor Chuck Norris (it’s nice to know that not every actor from Hollywood is a leftist) would take the cash confiscated from captured Mexican Drug Cartel kingpin ‘El Chapo’ and use it to pay for the wall. It’s estimated that more than 14 billion dollars has been taken from El Chapo’s stash.  President Trump has asked for only $5.6 Billion. The rest could go to help homeless veterans or any number of other good causes. Of course, Pelosi and her flying monkeys oppose this plan too, which speaks volumes about their agenda.

Did you watch the Golden Globe Awards on TV last Sunday?  If you answered no, you are among the vast majority of Americans who did not and are turned off by all the preening and preaching at these award shows. An MSN online poll asking Americans if they intended to watch the show brought staggering numbers that were not to the liking of the show biz performers. Before they took the polling down, the response by those who answered the poll showed that 87% of those respondents said they had ‘NO’ intention of and no interest in tuning in. And yet, showing how much they are out of touch with the American public, the so called ‘Entertainment Writers’ in the media fawned over, who wore what gown and who was deserving of which award but had not a clue that few people care the slightest anymore. It’s what happens when these celebrities scold the viewing audience about how bad they are and how terrible our country is. The audience just keeps shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.