Selective Enforcement, Changing Predictions Raising Suspicions About COVID-19

Back in March, when this Covid/Virus took center stage, if anyone told us that in August, it would still be an issue, most people would have doubted it. We were told it would peak in a month, then be gone.  Then we were assured by Fauci and others to just hang in, do what we tell you and everything will be fine. Later we were told that hot weather and sunshine kills the virus.  Well, we’ve had plenty of both this summer and now when asked about their assurances that the summer weather would kill it, they change the subject. 

Masks are good and then they are not and then they are good again. Hospitals have been caught inflating the number of deaths caused by Covid. Documented cases of the virus being blamed for people killed in motorcycle accidents, drowning, cancer related issues, heart attacks and any number of other non-Covid related deaths is troubling and some reports have exposed the reason behind this as being that additional funding will be provided to certain hospitals for Covid related deaths.

Bars, restaurants, gyms and health clubs and so many other small businesses are being forced to stay closed or open with just limited access which is causing them to go under. Now, the governor is even threatening legal action and fines against back yard family gatherings.

 And yet, if Black Lives Matter holds a protest with hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder, it’s a safe bet that this governor and other obviously intimidated politicians would not dare to interfere and most people are now  feeling certain of this. These inconsistencies are so blatant and numerous that it causes anger, confusion and a willingness of many to throw caution to the wind and just do whatever they want, because they have grown weary of the selective enforcement. That goes for the confusion, the constantly changing stories and predictions and even the suspected political motivation behind some of these predictions and mandates as well. So, who can blame the growing number of people for saying that they have had enough?