Space Savers: Has a Kinder/Gentler Attitude Set In?

Winter took a bit longer to get here this year, but as we all know now, it has arrived. Without losing a step, neighbors grabbed their shovels and ice choppers and dutifully went into action clearing their walks, steps and cars of the cold white stuff that covers everything and looks kind of nice right after it lands. Fortunately, the squads of teens armed with shovels still roam the streets, offering their services to those who cannot or would rather not shovel themselves for a reasonable fee – a time tested and appreciated tradition.

And following another tradition that is generation’s old in our town was the placing of all sorts of ‘space savers’ – some of them quite creative – to hold those precious hard worked for parking spots. But this year, at least so far, there have been fewer reported disputes over the practice and a lot less tension. Respect is being shown all around by not only the longtime residents, but by the new arrivals as well, who have familiarized themselves with our space saver custom. Yes, there have been a couple of incidents, but comparatively few.

Though there are still a several more weeks of winter left, compliments of the ground hog, the kinder/gentler attitude that has been displayed so far in regard to space savers bodes well for continued peace in the neighborhood.