St. Patrick’s Day Meant To Be Enjoyed

St. Patrick’s Day and Evacuation Day come to South Boston on the same date each year. It’s a very special time in a very special and unique community. It’s a time to celebrate Irish Pride, as everyone is Irish at this season of year, as well as the historical event that saw brave American patriots drive an occupying army of British Red Coats out of our city.

The key word is of course ‘celebrate’. The week of March 17th gives us the opportunity to enjoy all of the many festivities and events that occur in South Boston that delight people of every age group in a wonderful variety of ways.  Hopefully we all can ignore the usual news media encouraged political theatre that more often than not comes with it. It’s a time of laughter, of joy and a chance to rekindle old and long held friendships that so often survive the test of time.

Whether the threatening blizzard bearing down on us has caused some or all events to be rescheduled, or everything goes off as planned, the spirit of the season should be embraced and enjoyed by all.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day Southie. And Happy Evacuation day too. It’s time to party.