Sullivan’s Opening Day: Wow!

It goes far beyond the opening day of a seasonal restaurant. Opening day at ‘Sully’s’ on Castle Island has become an experience – an event. Press reports and aerial views from the news helicopters hovering above showed the sheer magnitude of the crowd. Crowd estimates were in the tens of thousands with the goal of most who made the trek to South Boston’s most scenic location being to be part of this once a year ritual which is a tradition to so many and of course to chow down on some of the most delicious food around.


It’s a happy day. It’s a day where families, friends and neighbors meet up after a long winter and celebrate that spring is closing in. Long lines and not really enough parking are to be expected, but no one seemed to mind at all. Smiles and laughter were the theme of the day and the fact that the weather could not have been nicer was the frosting on a tasty cake. This is how life in the city should be. Traditions like this should be savored and cherished. May it continue for generations to come.