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Running out of things to Ban, so now it’s Hot Dogs?

In last week’s column, it was mentioned how elected officials of the ‘Progressive’ persuasion, no matter where they reside, seem to feel it’s in their job description to wake up each morning and ask themselves which taxes to raise, what new regulations and restrictions on personal liberties  they can impose and yes, even what else they can ban. Well, if it’s a contest, I’d say California was way ahead of the competition. Out there, they ban straws, bags, washing your car, how high you can put your heat, how low you can keep your air conditioner, what words you can and cannot use and so many other prohibited things that the list of what isn’t banned is probably shorter than what is.  And for all that state’s ridiculous and radical environmental activism, they continue to have the most polluted air, tainted water supply and filthy cities. The number of places in ‘Cali’ that resemble Third World countries continues to grow. And as was stated, their state legislature and crazy governor are always on the lookout for new things to ban. Rest assured, probably the only thing that won’t be on that list is late term abortions.

Well, not to be out done by the ‘Golden State’, New York City’s Mayor DiBlasio is compiling his own absurd list of what to ban and his latest target is the hotdog. Yup, you read that right, the all-American favorite, the hot dog. You see, DiBlasio feels that hotdogs are not good for people and he doesn’t much like them anymore, so he has decided that he will try his hardest to make sure no one else can have them or at least make it more difficult to get them. A reminder: The former NYC Mayor tried to ban 16-ounce sodas and whole milk. Isn’t that just typical of a radical progressives or liberals as they were once called? Whatever they don’t like must be banned. Everything they DO like must be mandated, declared a human right and paid for by others. With the sky-high taxes in New York City and constant chipping away of freedoms taking place there, we could almost feel sorry for the residents of New York for having to live under increasingly tyrannical Socialist rule. But, if people are going to keep voting for people like Mayor DiBlasio, I guess you can say they deserve what they get and should just stop complaining.  The smart ones are fleeing that city by the thousands. Let’s hope Massachusetts puts the brakes on its own slide toward Socialist rule. Though I bet politicians here wouldn’t dare try to ban hotdogs. There would be a mass riot every spring in front of Sully’s Restaurant on Opening Day.

Well, much like the last 2 years, members of the media, particularly those in the Washington DC Press Corps, are ‘outraged’ and had their egos hurt yet again. President Trump has refused to attend the annual White House Correspondents Dinner. He again chose to attend a huge pro-Trump rally and be among thousands of his supporters and it was a deliberate slight and message aimed at the media. This, right after attending and addressing the massive National Rifle Association Convention attended by tens of thousands of NRA members.

The response by some members of the media was that Trump’s actions were another attack on the press. Well yes, they got it right. But look at it from the President’s perspective. Why would he want to attend the White House Correspondence Dinner filled with a bunch of reporters and Hollywood airheads who are stuffy, boring egotists who seem to believe that the world revolves around them and who make it clear each and every day that they despise this president? By not attending, he not only makes it clear that he has no respect for them because he believes so many of them deserve none, but that he much prefers the company of real Americans – the working class, families and the patriotic who love their country. There aren’t too of them that could be found at the Correspondents Dinner, but plenty at the Trump Rally and the NRA Convention. In my opinion, the decision which events to attend was a no brainer. Keeping company with real people rather than phonies is always preferable.