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Should the Marathon Bomber be allowed to Vote?


Recently, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said something that shocked and opened the eyes of millions of Americans. Some believe it exposed a strange, even bizarre, ideology held by so many on the left side of the political divide. By now, we all know that he stated on national TV that he believes that even the Boston Marathon Bomber, convicted and sentenced to the death penalty for killing innocent people in a terrorist attack, including an 8 year old Dorchester boy, should be allowed to vote in US elections from his prison cell. The response was overwhelmingly in opposition to Bernie’s beliefs among most US citizens. However, it seems there are some out there who agree with him.

So this week, if there is anyone out there who can come up with a reason why they agree with Sanders, would you be willing to write in to this newspaper using the email address above and tell us why. You won’t be made fun of or verbally attacked for your beliefs. Your names will not be used, if you would prefer to remain anonymous. I’d just be curious to know what justification you would have for that opinion. It should be interesting.

The dustup over the Mueller report just keeps going on and on, as we all know. In response, the following question was recently asked on a talk radio program by a caller: “The entire Mueller report is at the DOJ for anyone to read. So why do Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Congressman Nadler insist that both Attorney General Barr and Robert Mueller himself must come in and explain what’s in it to these 3 Congress members”. The talk show host’s answer: “Maybe because the report isn’t written in crayon”. I thought that was kind of clever.

This newspaper is fortunate that we have quite a few young local residents who attend various colleges and universities who keep in touch and feed us information on what they feel are discriminatory practices and even political indoctrination of students by certain professors and in some cases by the school administrations. The complaints include actually being penalized with lower grades, public ridicule and being ostracized, if a student dares express an opinion that doesn’t go along with the left-wing leanings on so many campuses and/or their professors. There are even reported incidents, with some of them making the news in recent months, where students who express opposing views are physically threatened and attacked. Conservative invited guests get banned from speaking to students and those who are allowed are often shouted offstage with no consequences from school authorities for the disruptive students or the adults who encourage this behavior.

But according to our student sources, that seems to be changing, at least in some locations, since President Trump signed the Campus Free Speech order, which warns schools that if it does not take measures to protect the free speech of students, he will cut off the school’s government funding. The students inform us this is having a positive effect. The administrators at their colleges and universities have received the message loud and clear and definitely do not want to take the chance of losing their public funds. The last thing they want is to have to run bake sales to keep the lights on and they certainly do not want to take pay cuts to their, in many cases, outrageously high salaries.  ‘The Campus Free Speech Order’: Did you ever think this type of action would be necessary in the United States of America?

I’ll close this week’s column with a quote by Vice President Mike Pence that received thunderous applause and a standing ovation during his speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention 2 weeks ago. “Our Founding Fathers won our freedom, certainly, with the powder in their muskets, but also with the power of their ideas.”