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A Profile In Courage? Really?

Recently, as many of you know, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was the recipient of the John F. Kennedy ‘Profiles in Courage’ Award. It was presented at the Kennedy Library in a glittery event that was covered by the national news media. Over the years, the Kennedy family has given these Profiles in Courage awards to people I personally don’t believe were courageous at all. Agreeing with and acting upon a certain agenda and ideology is more about what the award is all about far more than courage, the way I see it.  That’s my take on it. Everyone has the right to their own views. But if you read up on JFK and study what his beliefs and political leanings were, you might wonder just how the late President himself would have felt about Pelosi getting an award in his name. I’m pretty sure he he’d have a problem with it. He might even be shocked at this woman’s politics and the direction she has helped take his party. Maybe even a bit disgusted.

JFK believed in cutting taxes, not raising them at every opportunity, a military second to none and slapping job killing regulations on everything that moves wasn’t his thing either. Freedom of speech was a given. This is America. You can’t tell our people what words they can use and which ones they cannot. He believed in the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, he was a Life Member of the NRA. The security of the country was priority. If he could see what was going on at our southern border today and how the Democrat party, led by Pelosi is throwing up every road block and obstruction they can muster to stop President Trump from securing that border and ending the surge of illegals from pouring in, he wouldn’t like it at all. That this flow contains a number of terrorists, cartel members, and vicious gang members makes it that much worse. Remember, it was Pelosi who scolded President Trump, because he calls the murderous members of MS-13, animals. They are ‘human beings’ lectured Pelosi and should be treated with respect. WHAT?!

To advocate for allowing babies to be aborted right up until birth, and even after they are born, probably would have turned JFK’s stomach. A walking tour of Speaker Pelosi’s congressional district, which includes San Francisco, where the homeless rate has skyrocketed, and the city must spend tens of millions of dollars constantly to clean the needles and human waste from the streets because of the policies she pushes for, shows that her once beautiful city along with so many other cities run by liberals has been turned into a Third World. That the leaders of his former party are now actively trying to push our country toward Socialism would be something I believe would be mind-numbing and infuriating to him. I don’t believe the late President would approve of the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage award going to a person like Nancy Pelosi. I do believe that JFK, a Democrat and a good man, has far more in common with another late, great president, Ronald Reagan, than he would have with Speaker Pelosi.  I believe a comparison of these two men and what they believed would back me up on this.

To close this week, the lunacy in the State of California continues, prompting some Americans to wonder (maybe even hope) when the ‘Big One’, as in earthquake, will ever hit there. At George Washington High School outside of San Francisco, there is a move by the school‘s leadership to take down the paintings of the school’s namesake – George Washington. Why? To protect the students from being ‘traumatized’ of course. It seems the image of America’s first president and the father of our country and the man that very school itself is named for is scary to some of the fragile youngsters; no doubt urged on by activist adults with an intense dislike for this country and its history. So, they are having ‘Reflection and Action’ workshops to decide when and if to remove the paintings and where to store them so they will be out of view of the young scholars. Councilors will no doubt be called in to comfort the students and everyone will get fudge brownies and teddy bears.