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Rolling Thunder:  A Patriotic Experience Like No Other

Rolling Thunder, that annual, loud, beautiful and absolutely massive gathering of Bikers bringing their motorcycles to Washington DC each year in a patriotic tribute to America’s veterans, was held once again this year over the Memorial Day weekend. This time an estimated 500,000 bikes were expected to show up. Instead, according to organizers and police on hand, it was announced that the number was more than triple what was predicted, with the totals reaching an incredible 1.7 Million.

But with the exception of FOX News, you’d hardly know it even took place as the other, more liberal networks gave it very little coverage, if any. Those channels that did, often restricted it to short little blurbs of ‘a big crowd of bikers road through the streets of Washington DC’ being the limit they wanted to report. Why? I think most thinking people who are wise to the major media’s agenda know exactly why. Patriotism, veteran’s causes and other love of country themes were the main thrust of this yearly event. With giant American flags flying everywhere; including from the backs of so many bikes, it wasn’t something the press liked much, and it was certainly not what they wanted the general public to see. Add to those reasons, there were literally thousands and thousands of red Trump hats and pro Trump shirts being worn; not just by the bikers themselves but by so many in the crowds of thousands of spectators that lined the streets cheering the bikers on, it may have made the average reporter quite uncomfortable.

I personally was not at the event. I haven’t owned a bike since my brother and I shared one when we were teens. But it would have been an honor to be in the company of so many great Americans, who did make the trip, which included active military, veterans, members of law enforcement and other proud Americans from every walk of life. It was fascinating to talk with good friends, some from South Boston, others from different towns, who did make the trip. It was a gathering that they will most likely remember all of their lives. To listen to them talk about it, It wasn’t just an event it was an experience; maybe even an adventure.

They spoke of motorcycles, beautiful bikes, rolling down the main streets of DC as far as the eye could see with that distinctive rumble and roar; colors displayed and the look of pride in everyone’s eyes. And the enormous crowds on the sides waving flags and cheering. The tributes being paid to the many memorials scattered across the city, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. And one of the best parts of it all, with that many people in the city for this rally, there were no problems. No violence, no disturbances, no protests – it was complete harmony. And another thing that didn’t go unnoticed by an appreciative public maintenance department: other large events in the city, including those by self-proclaimed environmental groups, leave the city a trash filled mess with litter and garbage piled everywhere. When the 1.7 million bikers and the thousands of supporters were done, the city was clean and litter free. This was a crowd that shows respect. They take out, everything they bring in.

Yes, the news media was there but I’m guessing the main reason they showed up was in the hope that riots would break out and it would all turn into a nightmare. It didn’t. Disappointment must have been running high among the scribes. When the main stream media can all but ignore an event so impressive and so massive as this year’s Rolling Thunder, even when they are right there on the spot and witness the whole thing, it’s just confirms another one of the tactics they use when things don’t go the way they want. It’s another form of Fake News – Fake News by omission. It’s a sad thing but pretty much speaks volumes as to why the media’s credibility is at rock bottom.  

There was talk that Rolling Thunder 2019 would possibly be the last year it would be held, at least on such a scale, because of the huge expense of putting together something so big. But the future looks good for the event. President Trump is so impressed by all that Rolling Thunder represents and how well run it is each year that he will be meeting with the organizers to work out sources of funding to keep this patriotic tradition alive, well and growing for years to come. And THAT is what I call good news. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a bike next year too.