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To Vaccinate or Not?

A big issue in the news as of late is vaccinations and whether it should be mandatory for a child to get those protective shots. There are differing opinions on this subject, as some strongly believe that for the benefit of all, every child must be forced to be vaccinated regardless of the concerns of the parents whether for health and safety reasons or religious beliefs. Some elected officials, like New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo are signing laws making it a crime for a parent to refuse to allow their children to be immunized. Yet many resistant parents in that state call Cuomo’s actions inconsistent. On one hand, Cuomo is encouraging thousands of illegal immigrants to pour into his state and wants to allow the children of those immigrants to enter the schools. Yet, these migrant children come in unvetted and often bring diseases with them; diseases that have been all but eliminated in America. So, while the laws mandating vaccinations for American kids come with a fine and possible jail time for parents who will not comply, those arriving illegally get a pass and measles, for example, continue to spread throughout that state and other states, as well.

Americans for the most part do not like to be told what to do by an intrusive government, especially when it comes to raising their children. This is but one of the reasons there is so much resistance to this law. But concern about the safety of some of these vaccines has been raised by people in the medical field, as well.  Factor in strong religious beliefs as a cause for unwillingness to obey such a mandate and those in opposition should not be considered criminals and face prison time. Personally, I think it’s wise for children to get those shots.  But everyone has the right to their strongly held views and beliefs.

While on the topic of illegal immigration, it was announced that Florida Governor Ron Desantis has just signed legislation that bans all cities and towns in that state from becoming Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary Towns. Without a doubt, there will be other states following his lead. And it seems a week doesn’t go by without the State of California announcing yet another lunatic decree. This latest touch of insanity is that, even though ‘Cali’ is a financial basket case with citizens and businesses fleeing in droves, illegal immigrants will now be given free healthcare, while the taxpaying citizens, who have to pay for their healthcare, will be forced to foot the bill. At this rate, with the mass exodus taking place by fed up residents, there may not be any taxpayers left in the state to pay the bills.

This week also saw the revelation of still more setbacks to the claims by Climate Change alarmists that are causing so many Americans to question it all. It was just 3 years ago that the public was told that the Great Lakes were shrinking and could one day disappear. The water levels in those massive and beautiful lakes were dropping, due to the effects of Global Warming. Last week though, it was reported that the water levels are rising rapidly and, in some locations, actually spilling over onto the land.

A little scientific research shows that the water level in the Great Lakes has been rising and falling for thousands of years. It is apparently just nature taking its course and will probably continue to do so for thousand more years. So, it seems the Lakes will not be disappearing anytime soon. And that’s a bit of good news, maybe not so much for the alarmists who live on grant money, but it’s good news for those Americans and Canadians, who depend on the Lakes for commerce, their water supply and some darn good sports fishing.