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Brought to Us by the Virus

Inconsistencies and Contradictions by the Media and Some Politicians


With all the Corona Virus news hitting us 24/7, a lot of Americans say their heads are spinning. Press conferences by the president, governors, mayors and every type of medical expert on the planet are coming rapid fire. It’s good to get the updates and stay informed. But this week, in this column, I want to take a different route and mention just a few of the contradictions and inconsistencies we’re witnessing; some of which are sad, others are a bit amusing, while still others seem to be deliberately meant to misinform the public.

Let’s start with one of the Fake News outlets known as the CBS TV Network. CBS had to issue a brief, very brief, apology when it was caught airing video it claimed was a crowded and very busy hospital emergency room in New York City. But in this age of technology, where everyone has a phone and access to social media outlets, it’s much more difficult to fool the public.  The emergency room was actually located in Italy where the virus is much more widespread.  CBS busted again.

Next up: We’ve all seen the reports. Officials in some liberal run cities across the country are trying to shut down guns stores in what they say is an effort to keep the public safe. Yet, at the same time they are releasing dangerous criminals from prisons so they can freely roam the streets in the same cities where they are trying to prevent law abiding citizens from having the means to defend themselves. Some of these same officials who are allowing the prisoners out to roam, have threatened to arrest law abiding citizens if THEY are caught on the streets.

Back to the news media: For about a year, those in the press have been screaming in protest and demanding that President Trump resume the daily press briefings that they claim all administrations must give to keep the country informed on the issues of the day. The president had stopped the briefings because so many reporters were turning them into grandstanding circuses. But with the arrival of the Corona Virus, Trump has resumed daily press briefings.  Now, some of the crazies in the media like CNN and MSNBC and others are demanding that the president’s daily briefings no longer be covered in the news because they believe Trump is getting too much air time and is making himself look good.

While millions of Americans are temporarily out of work because of the ‘pandemic’ and find themselves unable to pay their bills and small businesses are worried about being able to survive, they can take comfort knowing that Nancy Pelosi made sure that she and the rest of congress received a hefty pay raise from the stimulus package and that PBS received $75 million more dollars, the Kennedy Center for the Arts got $25 Million more and $350 million went to the relocation of refugees. These were funds that were supposed to go to Americans in need of financial relief. But not to worry, Americans will get a 12 hundred dollar check in the mail. Pelosi and her pirates tried hard to get billions more for dozens of additional perks, among them were Planned Parenthood and made a play for millions to go to mail in voter registration which would make it much easier to commit voter fraud. You see folks, when you can no longer win elections fairly, new, more creative ways to cheat must be found. But few doubt, that they will push harder for these things in the next stimulus package along with many, MANY more goodies that have nothing to do with bringing financial relief to Americans in need. Corruption is now a way of life for Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of their cronies.

But not all the news is bad. It has now officially been confirmed that the survival rate for the virus is 98.2%. And the number of those who had caught the disease and have now fully recovered was, as of last Monday, more than 125,000 people with the number climbing each day. It’s just too bad that this is data that the press tends not to report. It makes it harder for them to keep the hysteria at a fever pitch if people find out that most who do catch it recover.

And on another positive note, to quote a saying that has gone viral on social media, it’s estimated that the number of home invasions and house breaks have seen a huge decline. Why? Because in America, everyone is home, with guns, and enough bleach and paper towels to clean up the scene and the crooks know it.