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 Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The … On Your Way Out

In a recent column, I shared with you some of the many ‘inconsistencies’ and contradictions taking place by high ranking officials and some organizations in regard to dealing with the Corona Virus. Well, some of our readers were nice enough to write in and remind me of many more, too many to mention them all here this week, but here are a few:

There are certain mayors and county district attorneys who want to release and are releasing from prisons, dangerous criminals out into the public.  This, they say they do to keep them safe from the virus. Tell me how that makes sense. And yet, we all saw on national news recently, the video of the bewildered and shocked dad who was arrested and jailed for playing T-Ball with his young daughter in a wide open park. Inconsistent?  Yes, to say the least.

Many of you have reported receiving your stimulus checks from the feds. And now there are talks going on about another stimulus package in the works. This is taxpayer money that is supposed to be designated for American citizens in financial need because of the economic slowdown caused by the virus.  And yet, Democrat politicians are again attempting to cram it filled with perks for illegal immigrants who, to be blunt and honest should not even be in the country and broke our laws to get here. These leftist politicians are also trying to slip in millions for mail in voting; a recipe for voter fraud as well as funding for other programs and organizations that have nothing  at all to do with bringing assistance to virus related problems. And these same democrats; Pelosi, Schumer and the like are vowing to block aid to needy Americans if they don’t get their way. They claim to want to help Americans but are opposing the effort at every turn. Inconsistent?  Yes.  But typical.

Former Obama Administration official Ezekiel Emanual claims to want to help the economy come back but says it must stay shut down for at least 12 to 18 more months; knowing full well that it would all but kill the US Economy.  Few Americans still doubt for a minute that there are political types like Mr. Emanuel and many democrats in congress and some mayors and governors around the country that would like nothing better than to ruin the economy and cause hardship and suffering in their ongoing crusade to make the public blame President Trump.  They wouldn’t want things to improve one bit until at least after the November election. Do I think there is a plot to bring the country down by these people? There is not a doubt in my mind.

President Trump announced this week that he has ordered the cutting off of American funding to the World Health Organization (WHO), for the dismal job they did in regard to the virus.  The WHO has proven to be little more than a mouth piece for the Communist Government in China. It does what China tells it to do and repeats the propaganda almost word for word that the Communist government sends out. America is the biggest provider of funding for WHO to a tune of nearly $500 Million dollars. Communist China gives it a mere $40 million. It’s clear that WHO is ideologically aligned with the Communists and is no friend of the United States. This has been known for decades and yet other American presidents allowed it to continue. President Trump, to his credit, will tolerate it no longer. When he vowed that he would put the interests of ‘America First’, he meant it. It’s nice to finally have a president who keeps his promises to the American people.

Speaking of an organization that has for so long demonstrated it’s disdain for the United States, the United Nations or UN has announced that it could run out of money for programs in less than a month. No doubt, another one of their many plays for more American tax dollars to float it. If they were to run out of funds completely and had to shut down or at least vacate their building in New York City , pull up stakes and move out of our country it would be no great loss. That saying “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on your way out” comes to mind and can also be applied to some of the politicians who seem to dislike our country so much and are working to bring it down. The weather in Cuba is pretty nice this time of year and would be a much better fit for many left leaning Americans.