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More on the Wall/ ISIS Come Home?/Jussie Mollett

Usually, in the dead of winter, with the exception of news about storms and severe cold waves and maybe the occasional flare-up in the Middle East, things are pretty calm, as Americans are trying hard to keep warm, but not so this season. We’re not even through the second month of the New Year and nearly every group and organization seem to be in shrieking melt down mode.

The border wall is high on the list of topics that have folks in frenzy. In last week’s column, I made my position pretty clear. I’m in favor of building it very tall and building it quickly. And as one reader wrote in who said that, at first, she didn’t know how she felt about it, when she realized who is against building the wall, she made up her mind that she was definitely for it. She put it this way – “As I read the list, I made my choice. Among those against finishing the wall are the Cartels, MS-13, rapists, sex traffickers, drug smugglers and all the lunatics running for President from the democratic party”.

Does the term lunatic properly describe those announced candidates and is it fair? Well let’s take a look at what they say they are supporting, most of which is unaffordable and impossible to do, but they don’t care.

They want to pay people, who are able to work but refuse to work. Abolish ICE, have open borders, defund the Department of Homeland Security, eliminate air travel, stop cows from farting, stop Americans from eating meat, have the right to abort babies, not only just before they are born at the end of 3rd trimester, but even after they are born, dismantle and renovate every building and structure in the country, raise taxes as high as 70, 80 and even 90 percent, eliminate school choice, shrink the military and of course, change the American system one of freedom to Socialism modeled after Venezuela’s where the inflation is over a thousand percent, the people are now starving and in many cases forced to eat their dogs (sorry about mentioning that last one. But it’s that bad). 

What would John F. Kennedy say if he were to come back and see what the leaders of his former party have done to it? It’s a good guess he’d be shocked by the freak show they are turning it in to. Said another reader, who wrote in regarding the current crop of announced candidates: “I have this image of all of them pulling up to the site of the first debate together, all 20 or 30 of them piling out of the same tiny clown car, like it’s done at the circus. Then while up on stage, screaming at each other in an embarrassing display, jockeying to claim the title of “Most Insane”. I guess this is what happens when you let the children sit at the grownup’s table.

Also in the news last weekend was Hoda Muthana. Ms. Muthana left America to join ISIS some time ago, but now that ISIS has been pretty much demolished by our military, she’s had a change of heart and is pleading to be allowed to come home to the good old USA. Personally, I say yes, bring her back and set her up with free room and board at Gitmo, which still has some vacancies, to live out her remaining years. Oh, and who could forget Jussie Smollet? If he wanted publicity, as most Hollywood types do, he sure has it now. As we all know, he recently claimed he was attacked, beaten, splashed with bleach and had a rope put around his neck by MAGA hat wearing Trump supporters, screaming racist and homophobic slurs at him.  And of course, without waiting for details or proof, the Hollywood and news media types and certainly, the Presidential candidates along with Pelosi jumped in with both feet condemning Trump supporters and bigotry as they stood in solidarity with Smollett. But police, after investigating the incident, now say they believe this was no attack at all. It was a staged hoax by Smollett, who it’s now believed hired people to attack him and paid them thousands of dollars for the job.  Busted! If it turns out he did fake the incident, will he get jail time? Or will this sham be allowed to quietly fade from memory, as the media quickly buries the story like we’ve seen happen in the past when things turn out not how they wanted them to be?  Another question to ask is, will all those Hollywood types, those in the media and those left-wing politicians apologize for their rush to judgment and willingness to condemn and aim blame at a whole group of people they dislike, because they wanted so badly for the story to be true? This is doubtful. Because being famous and liberal means never having to apologize, no matter how wrong you are or how foolish you look.