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       Want to Help Rebuild the Economy? This Will Help


Here’s a suggestion for Americans looking for ways to help the economy which is hurting right now. Buy American.  Yes, I know, it’s a saying used very often and its good advice. The reasoning behind not buying American made products is sometimes complicated. The one often noted is that you might save money by purchasing foreign products and sometimes that’s true. But when you look at the quality of foreign made as opposed to domestically made, more often than not; and certainly over the last 20 years, the quality and durability of most US manufactured items is far superior.

Another reason is that in some cases, items needed are just not made in America. Well that’s true too.  In a situation like that, the desired items are made by the Japanese, the South Koreans, In Germany, Spain and even in the UK. And the overwhelming odds are that all those countries’ products will be superior in quality than those that have the ‘Made in China’ label.  And that folks, is where this column is going. Of course, the best way we can all help the economy is to buy American. When that’s not possible, look for products made anywhere else but in China. It is no longer a secret that Communist China is conducting an economic war against the United States and has been for decades. They are out to destroy the US economy and when we buy Chinese goods, we help them in their goal. Its that simple.

An economic boycott is not directed at the hard working Chinese people.  They have no control and no say in what their government does.  Unlike Americans, the Chinese population is subservient to a brutal dictatorship and individuals actually wind up in prison or can disappear forever if they dare speak up or question the government’s actions.  This is how Communism works.

It has also often been stated by people who thought they were buying American, that in reality, the item was actually made in China but carried the label of what was thought to still be an American owned company. This is where it will take a bit of effort on our part to learn where a product is really made. It’s simple. A little research online can get you that info you want; especially if you are buying a larger item like a TV, expensive cell phone, computer etc. Before you shop, do a little checking online to find out just where certain brands are really made.  You can find the answer easily. Even tools, clothing, pet food and yes, some American flags can be made in China. Many have commented that American Flags they had just assumed were made in the US were actually Chinese made and after a few storms, they wound up faded and torn. I have no right telling anyone how to shop or do anything else for that matter. What I am doing is suggesting we all put a stop to making any more purchases from a country out to destroy ours. They have been sending us inferior products for years and now, even a virus. Its time to put an end to this.

With so many people staying in, the search for at home entertainment is playing a bigger role than ever. Sure there are movies, video games and nothing beats quality family time.  But the presidential briefings about the virus has attracted a big following including the battles between President Trump and some of the members of the White House Press Corps. Millions of Americans are expressing great pleasure watching the president giving better than he is getting from the sneering childish antics of many in the media whose intent isn’t to ask serious questions and get answers that will inform the public. Their purpose is to partake in theatrics, preen for the cameras and get attention for themselves by asking the same insulting ‘gotcha’ questions over and over again. Trump made it clear when he was running for office that unlike other presidents, he had no intention of being a punching bag for disrespectful reporters. You throw a punch at him, he’ll counter punch twice as hard.  It’s one of the things millions of Americans love about the guy and it helped get him elected. They try to embarrass him, he turns it around and embarrasses them and it’s making these reporters crazier, meaner, more petty and childlike every day.  Having a free press has always been something America has been proud of. But if the press is not going to do it’s job and instead, fabricate, twist and distort the news to fit it’s own political agenda and deliberately mislead the public into believing that which is not true, it not only is no longer relevant, it is dangerous and destructive and serves no positive purpose. It then becomes time to put it out of business and replace it’s members by others who will report honestly and accurately.

Traditionally, the White House Press Corps is given office spaces in the West Wing. I would like to be president for just one day. On that day, my first order of business would be to issue an executive order to remove the current members of the press corps from the West Wing and relocate their offices to a nearby dumpster.