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Could it be Pay Back Time for Fake News Creators?

The news media is at it again.  Over the last couple of months, in regard to the Corona virus, we’ve watched them inflate the numbers of deaths, come to the defense of and provide cover for the Communist Chinese government, even though they are not only responsible for the virus but they covered it up. They also make excuses for the so-called medical experts and their ‘models’ being wrong on almost every prediction. They also try to justify Nancy Pelosi and the Congress staying at home and not working, while drawing full pay, as they attack President Trump for not doing enough, even though he is at work 24/7 and donating his salary to help the cause. As they are literally acting like preening, spoiled children during the daily White House press briefings, reporters are losing what little credibility they had left.  But they are so desperate to bring the country down, they don’t care that only the hopelessly naïve still believe what they report.

Creating ‘Fake News’ is what the media does regularly now, and it surprises no one.  And they are caught doing so, nearly every day.  The latest effort at deceiving the public happened this week when NBC’s Chuck Todd intentionally edited the contents of an interview with US Attorney General Barr, which changed what Barr actually said into something completely different.  They were caught and exposed for doing this and admitted that yes, they did it. It was an act of deception and the only thing they seemed sorry about was that they were caught doing it.

I’ll say this once again:  A free press is important if it reports accurately and tells the truth.  But if the press/news media is going to lie and deliberately deceive the people who depend on it – the American public – then it not only becomes irrelevant but also dangerous.  It is pushing its own political agenda and that makes it not much different than what Hitler’s propaganda mechanism did in 1930’s and 40’s Nazi Germany.

We’ve all seen the other big news this week about all the charges being dropped for General Michael Flynn. Flynn, a military hero and true patriot was set up by disgraced former members of the FBI and higher ups in the Obama Administration with new information leading right to the former President himself.  Those responsible for the framing of General Flynn are now the one’s scrambling and scared, because they fear that payback, in the form of justice, will be coming their way.  And as expected, the biased news media is circling the wagons around the guilty ones to try to protect them. This is dirty politics and dishonest journalism at its worst, because there were some in the press who were also involved in conspiring to take Flynn down. This should be interesting to watch. There will be new ‘guests’ filling the spots in America’s prisons.  There are vacancies now that so many felons have been released to ‘protect’ them from the virus.

Though more states are reopening, there are some governors who are holding on tight to keeping their domains locked down.  While they say they do so in the interest of public safety, most believe it’s because these liberal Democrat and RINO Republican governors have other motives for their decisions. The longer their states stay locked down, the worse their economic situation becomes, and they hope that will get them more federal funds to bail them out.  The other suspected reason is that they just can’t bear to give up this extra control over the public they seem so much to crave and relish. Some look upon their constituents as ‘subjects’ to be dictated to, while ignoring the Constitution. Getting these governors, who are acting more like tyrants in some cases, to relinquish control of the population is like prying a bone from the mouth of a rabid dog. They are drunk with power and they like it.

Thankfully, the public has no intention of allowing it to continue much longer. This is not Europe or Canada.  Americans are not sheep and won’t allow themselves to be treated as such.