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Do We Have Reason To Be Suspicious?

I have an apology of sorts to make. In a recent column I quoted ‘data’ from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). I used it as a source for information for diseases and other medical news when writing about Covid-19. I implied that if the CDC says it, it must be fact. I now consider the CDC not always correct. Personally, I no longer trust the CDC to be accurate and I certainly distrust anything the World Health Organization (WHO) has to say. President Trump has threatened to cut off funding to WHO as they are proving to be just a mouth-piece for the Communist government in China. I hope he does and while he’s at it, end funding for the United Nations as well.  Neither organization can be considered friends of our country. So the way many see it, there is no need to be floating them with our tax dollars.

An increasing number of Americans are expressing skepticism regarding the actions being taken under the guise of fighting Covid-19. No one doubts that the virus exists. But the fact that there are those in positions of authority, who are actually hoping it stays with us for as long as possible or at least until our economy tanks completely leading up to the November election, gives cause for suspicion. There are governors and mayors and certainly some members of congress who want to keep these ‘lock downs’ and ‘shelter in place’ orders indefinitely.  Some governors are proving to be tyrannical, loving this power they are wielding over people and not wanting to let go of it.

Some of these orders by some politicians and so-called medical experts break down to this: ‘Remain terrified, Question nothing, And Stay At Home’. Sorry, but many Americans just can’t buy into that mentality. We refuse to be terrified, as a free people we have the right to question everything if it smells bad and we will not hide in our homes.  It’s just that simple.

In regard to questioning the information we are being given, the real question is why wouldn’t we? From the beginning of the virus, it has been exposed that we’ve been given faulty and inaccurate models, rigged test results, deliberately misleading news reports and manipulated death statistics. Some doctors tell us one thing, while others say something completely different.  Whom to believe?  Again, when officials try to shame us when we even question their motives, instructions and demands, that tells us we really should question everything.

When they order churches and dentists and all the small businesses to be shut down, but abortion clinics can stay open, yes, many of us get suspicious. To quote a meme going viral on social media – “Even if you’re not conspiracy minded, something in your soul has to be telling you that something isn’t right with any of this”. 

More motivation by some in public office to be wary of, and yes, I’m talking about Nancy Pelosi and her ilk and many Blue State governors, is what they are trying to cram into the latest stimulus package. The stimulus money is supposed to be to help American citizens and business get though this situation and in so many cases it’s a matter of survival.  Yet, they treat it like a Socialist wish list with, among other goodies they try to slip in, are stimulus checks for illegal aliens, money to prevent the deportations of illegals and with amnesty to go with it, solar energy programs, even more government cash for Planned Parenthood, billions for Vote by Mail, which is considered by a majority of Americans as a Cheat by Mail scheme; and so many more things that have nothing at all to do with giving financial relief to our citizens in desperate need. Another quote that nails it is this one “A politician that adds anything to the stimulus bill, not directly related to the ‘Pandemic’, is no better than someone who loots during a disaster”. You don’t have to be in the streets smashing windows and stealing TVs to be a looter.  You can serve in congress as well.  Isn’t that right Nancy Pelosi?

The important thing to remember throughout this Covid-19 situation is ‘Freedom’. Most Americans cherish their freedom.  All of us should. It’s one of things that make our country so great.  The saying “Once freedom is lost you might not ever get it back” is worth remembering. There are those who would rob us of that freedom forever. We can’t ever let that happen. When the virus is gone, we must make sure we have lost none of it. Hang the ‘New Normal’. And to be blunt, if they try to prevent it, we’ll just have to do what our Founding Fathers did in 1776 – take it back by whatever means necessary.