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Celebrating Memorial Day 2020, Not As Different As Some Thought

The Memorial Day weekend was different this year as most expected it would be.  But it wasn’t quite as different as some had thought it would be. Family barbeques were held. Not as many people travelled as in past years, but more than were predicted hit the roads. Beaches were crowded, at least on Friday when the weather was sunny and warm – the better of the 4 days – even though they were ordered closed. Wreaths were still placed on the monuments to fallen military heroes.

 The talk over the past 2 months was that none of these things would take place because of the virus situation.  It was believed by many, if not most, that everyone would still be sheltering inside and avoiding any activities over the long holiday weekend with the exceptions of staying inside and watching movies, eating more than we should and maybe an afternoon nap leading up to an early bedtime. But the arrival of the nice weather and longer Daylight Savings Time hours to the day tends to change the attitude of most people.  And when there are now so many conflicting reports about how to deal with the virus, a growing number have opted out of the fear factor. 

When Dr. Fauci tells us one day that we must stay indoors for many more months, then changes his advice the following week and says staying indoors for long periods of time is bad for our health, folks now wonder if he even knows what he’s talking about or begin asking if there is a political motive behind his predictions and warnings. Also confusing is the difference of opinion among medical professionals about wearing masks.  Is it helpful? Some say yes, others say no. And speaking with people who threw caution to the wind over the holiday weekend and went out and observed the traditions that symbolize the real meaning of Memorial Day – honoring those who gave all for our nation’s freedom – and then enjoyed the nice weather and socialized with family and friends, it was that confusion that convinced many that well, maybe enough is enough.

It’s apparent now that the effort to keep America closed is collapsing. States are opening up, though some are resisting, with a few mayors in Blue States actually threatening prison for those not obeying their government edicts. But the effort to prevent the country from getting back to normal is getting to the point where it’s like trying to hold back the tide in the ocean.

In a related matter, as most know, the tradition of putting thousands of small American flags on the Boston Common to commemorate Memorial Day was officially cancelled by the city this year. Most could not understand the reasoning for that. But not to be deterred, someone or some group took it upon themselves and I’m guessing at their own expense, to go to the Common at night and plant one thousand flags in the ground. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to. To whomever was responsible for this patriotic act, ‘Thank You!.. In the opinion of many, you did a wonderful thing and would have made the Founding Fathers proud.

I’ll close this week’s column with a mention of Chicago.  That city has taken the title of ‘Murder Capitol of the Country’ away from Washington DC. We are all aware that mayhem rules the streets there every weekend. But last weekend, while dozens were being shot, stabbed, mugged and even raped, the liberal Democrat Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot, ordered her police to raid an African American Church holding Sunday Services and tried to shut it down. Can we let that sink in for a minute? While a type of violent warfare was taking place on her streets, the mayor was busy harassing a church. Just like so many sheriffs across America are refusing to enforce these unconstitutional rules by agenda driven elected officials, its predicted that soon police in some major big cities will begin doing the same thing. It will get interesting.