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Police Need To Know Most Americans Appreciate Them

When one gives into threats of violence, it solves nothing.  In fact, more often than not, just the opposite happens.  Those making the threats demand more and more until it becomes a form of blackmail. Do black lives matter?  Of course, they do. And let me say it for all to hear:  ALL lives matter. We’re told we shouldn’t say that though, because it’s somehow considered racist.  If taken at face value, nothing could be further from the truth.

We’ve all heard the latest demands that have so many public officials quaking in their shoes (and sandals). The calls to “Defund the Police” would ordinarily have been considered a ludicrous demand and it is, but not lately as far as some are concerned.  We have mayors in Democrat controlled cities considering it and in at least one city, Minneapolis, they are actually in the process of doing it. They want to replace the police with social workers.  Oh, wouldn’t the criminals and the anarchists just love that?  I can just see them now drooling over the prospect of that happening. One social media meme going viral nationwide shows a 911 dispatcher receiving a call for help, because the caller’s home is being invaded. The dispatcher’s response is to tell the caller to ‘stay calm, we have no police, but are sending thoughts and prayers’.  And because cities are giving serious thought to defunding police, the new demand is to remove all police shows from television.  The reasoning behind this brilliant move is since they have these liberal mayors on the run, go for broke with even more demands.

Most South Bostonians have friends who are police officers and many locals are cops themselves.  It has always been a noble profession and it still is, regardless of this ongoing organized campaign to make them all into evil villains. And because so many of us have friends in law enforcement, we remember clearly those videos of the marches and demonstrations sanctioned by the Black Lives Matter organization, where they were screaming their anti-police chant of ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon’, to the applause of their supporters.

Those of us with friends and family wearing the blue don’t appreciate the abuse being thrown at them or the officials who are either encouraging it or enabling it by staying silent as it takes place. By watching video accounts of these demonstrations, we are witnessing that it is the black police officers who are taking the brunt of the abuse by the radicals in these mobs. Somehow, they are considered traitors because they are doing their jobs of keeping the peace and protecting the lives of innocent people. Most Americans felt sympathy for, but also pride in, an African American officer being screamed at and cursed at on national news because he refused the demands of some BLM leaders to kneel before them. His response was “I kneel only to God”. Yes, this is the latest demand.  BLM leaders want to be knelt to now and it has nothing to do with honoring the memory of George Floyd.

Many Americans were not happy as they watched live video of how Washington DC’s mayor treated the military in that city last weekend. She had soldiers that were in town to keep the peace evicted from a hotel that they were staying in to sleep when they finished their shift.  News photos of uniformed National Guard soldiers sleeping on sidewalks showed the total lack of respect some of these liberal officials have for our troops, who like the police are also heroes.

We see city councils around the country putting out statements condemning police brutality, which they should. No true American supports abusive police. But as everyone knows, it is a tiny minority of cops who are bad, while the overwhelming majority are dedicated to their motto of ‘Protect and Serve’.

Would it be so hard for these city officials to also put out statements confirming their support for law enforcement and the difficult jobs they have? Or are they fearful of offending the radicals. Just as so many Americans thank our veterans and currently serving military members for their service, it would really mean a lot to also say the same to police officers when we see them on duty. Let them know they are appreciated,