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Commissioner Gross Met With Atty General Barr?  Good!


Boston’s increasingly popular Police Commissioner, William ‘Willy’ Gross came in for bit of criticism last week.  It seems he dared to meet with the Attorney General of the United States, America’s ‘Top Cop’, William Barr. Liberal politicians in Massachusetts went ballistic and a couple looked like they were on the verge of strokes. Their attitude seemed to be ‘How dare the commissioner meet with someone we disagree with and who holds different views?  But as we are all learning, with many of these Bay State pols, anyone with whom they disagree with becomes a target and their dislike turns into an intense hatred for having the nerve to hold different opinions from the crack pot Socialists running the show. And the fact that he was appointed by President Trump was the horror of all horrors. If Commissioner Gross had a statue of his image standing in Boston, there would be some out at night spray painting it and demanding it be removed.

To his credit, Gross did not back down or apologize for meeting with Barr.  Isn’t it refreshing to have an official that refuses to cringe, hide and grovel? In fact, he released a statement in response to his critics that made many people in Boston and beyond cheer. He said “…I’m not a Black man that is going to be silent when overseers from the past said ‘Shut up, you talk when I want you to talk, you talk to whoever I want you to talk to and stay in your corner’.” I’ll give up this job before any of this B—– happens in my life”.

One of the many good things about Commissioner Gross is that he will meet with people with a variety of different views. If he can meet with the likes of Maura Healey and Rachael Rollins; who in the opinion of many people in this state, coddle the real criminals and go out of their way to make life difficult for the law abiding citizens that they are supposed to be representing, he can certainly meet with William Barr who is a no nonsense law and order guy and who has a legitimate love for our country which the afore mentioned two and others like them seem to have anything but.

The left’s war on statues raged on over the last week as they vandalized those statues that they could reach and demanded that those they couldn’t get close enough to, be  torn down or removed.  And yes, as expected, the retreat by many officials continued as they cowered from the radical demands of anarchists.  And now they have proclaimed that their next targets will be statues of ‘Jesus’. The American people are watching this whole circus play out.  They are watching this rampage go on day after day and waiting and wondering when those in charge of protecting this country, it’s history and it’s culture are going to step in and put an end to it.  They are shocked and amazed that it is still being allowed to happen and just might be coming to realize that in so many areas of the country, the courage to stop it just isn’t there. As innocent people are being assaulted, monuments are being destroyed and businesses and even churches are being set on fire, many people are beginning to feel that we are on our own. And let’s be blunt here, we all know what’s taking place. People are quietly arming up and preparing. Citizens are saying that maybe it is finally time to take on the responsibility themselves – to rise up and deal with not only protecting self, family and neighborhood, but also to step up and protect the nation from the radicals who are being allowed to run wild trying to bring America down. If the politicians won’t stop it and the media is encouraging it, it is the right and obligation of patriots to come forward.

A radio talk show host described what’s going on perfectly. He compared it to furious fans of a losing pro sports team looting and rioting after the big game to liberal democrats still melting down over their election loss in 2016.  Both groups go on a tire slashing, window breaking tirade. They try to frighten and intimidate and send running anyone who opposes them. The difference here is, the rioting fans are eventually dispersed or arrested and prosecuted and the disturbance comes to an end thanks to swift action by authorities. In the current situation however, in many locations, the authorities are either hiding from it or actually encouraging it or at the very least enabling it to continue. If this does not end soon, the odds are rising with each passing day that American patriots may have to get the job done.