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         They Couldn’t Actually Be Serious, Could They?

From time to time this column focuses on some of the absurdities taking place in the country by a small but very active percentage of the population which unfortunately includes some of our elected official in Washington DC. People, who by the standards of most Americans, are considered to be crazy activists with a warped sense of values and with the goal of tearing down everything most Americans hold sacred are running wild across the nation and need to be stood up to and maybe even corralled.

Let’s look at the liberal’s shiny new object, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, Democrat Congresswoman from the State of New York. Now, seeing her on TV 24/7 and hearing all the childish insanity coming from her mouth, you certainly don’t need me to tell you how detached from reality she is.  She confirms this each time she speaks. Her latest silly rant, latest as of last Monday, suggests that many humans should stop reproducing. Yes, stop having babies. With each passing day, she seems to be in a competition with herself to be as bizarre as possible. But what is really stunning is how so many members of her party’s leadership just smile and nod their heads in agreement with her calls for ending air travel, banning cows, tearing down all the buildings in the country, paying people who are able to work but refuse to work, no more eating meat and on and on with impossible, unworkable ideas from her fantasyland. She spouts nonsense like a child and gets applauded for it. 

On the subject of babies, no matter what your position on abortion, did you ever think we’d see the day come when 44 members of the US Senate would vote against a bill that would require doctors to try to save the life of a child AFTER it had been born and survived a botched abortion? The bill itself is called the ‘Born Alive Abortion Protection Act’. It stated that if the baby was still alive after an abortion attempt, as in out of the womb, living, breathing, feeling etc., the doctor must treat it and save his or her life like a doctor would treat any other human being. Yet, 44 Democrat US Senators; including the 2 from Massachusetts, Markey and Warren, voted to kill that bill. Cruel does not even begin to describe this action.

Moving on with more absurdity, people of every age group are familiar with the iconic photo from World War ll that has stood the test of time, of the American sailor, returning from the war running up to meet his awaiting girl friend , with both of them embracing in a prolonged kiss. This photo is so famous and touching that statues have been made of it and are on display in several cities across the country. To most, the image is heartwarming and expresses the love between 2 people separated by war and distance for a long period of time. But the statue has recently been vandalized and there is a movement afoot by ‘activists’ demanding the statue be taken down. Why? Because the activists say that the kiss may not have been consensual and so they consider it to possibly be a case of sexual harassment.

 Yes folks, they are getting this crazy. But what would be even crazier is if some cowardly official actually agreed to take down the statues and remove the photos from display because of the demands like some have done with other statues that some don’t doesn’t like.  Someone doesn’t like the name of a street, it must be changed. On a few college campuses, students, influenced by their leftist professors, have even demanded the removal of American flags and on occasion have gotten their way, until people, usually the patriotic students or veterans groups took a stand, drew that line in the sand and said ‘no way, the flags stay.

And this is what must be done all across the country. The childlike actions of people who hate everything America stands for and are determined to destroy it from within, must be stood up to. You don’t indulge and give in to bratty kids or immature adults who have not grown up yet and refuse to like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. America cannot allow them to get their way with crazy demands. That’s the way of cowards and Americans are not cowardly.