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 A Theory About The Bizarre Behavior From Politicians And Professors

A few interesting observations from around the nation for those who say they get a kick out of the ‘What’s Racist This Week’ feature that often appears in this column. It should surprise no one that this week’s proclamations of what’s racist now come from college professors. The first one is ‘math’.  Yes folks, math being taught or the fact that math even exists has been deemed as racist and a product of ‘White Supremacy’. But isn’t everything now?  Last weekend we learned from another college professor who declared that teaching ‘history’ is also racist. 

Oh, but there is more from the intellectual moonbats that so many parents are paying a fortune to have indoctrinate their kids. Farmer’s Markets are racist as is friendship.  Remember the Total Solar Eclipse of 2 years ago? Yup, it was racist. The Bible is racist as well as pollution, college football, singing Jingle Bells, the Nuclear Family and even showing up on time. All of it, we are now learning is racist.  We could fill up the entire newspaper with things that the progressive, liberal, Socialist and Communist professors who infest our nation’s colleges and universities have labeled as racist.  But I’d rather save some for other columns to stretch out the entertainment. Again, this is who is teaching American kids.  I’m betting a good Trade School is looking better all the time for the parents of high school students who will be graduating in the near future.

The Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in South Dakota.  Everyone who owns or used to own a bike knows what this is.  It’s a massive and beautiful event where literally hundreds of thousands of patriotic Bikers gather every August for races, live music and plenty of partying. I’ve never been there myself but friends of mine tell me it’s an experience like no other held near the Mount Rushmore monument.

Well, the word this year was that Antifa and Black Lives Matter and other anarchists had plans to go there to protest and disrupt it because there were just too many darn American Flags and patriotic and proud Americans who needed to be taught a lesson.  The Sturgis participants; hearing this threat,  sent out the word to ‘bring it on’.  Just try to disrupt it.  They’d be ready and waiting. But what do you think?  The anarchists were a no-show. Can’t imagine why.

The Democrat run cities around the country that have been experiencing the rioting and looting are now almost begging President Trump to send aid.  They don’t want the aid to be in the form of law enforcement personnel to end the rioting.  Oh no. They want federal dollars to rebuild what these mayors have allowed the rioters to destroy as they watch businesses pack up and leave and relocate to more stable, non Democrat run cities. So, the mayors have allowed billions of dollars in destruction to take place and now want the American tax payers to bail them out. They have a lot of nerve to make these demands.  Too bad they didn’t have the nerve or the will or the competence to quell the riots. The president is saying ‘no way’ to these mayors.  I hope he stands by that decision.

In Seattle, that city’s municipal council is made up of a majority of liberal radicals and it’s mayor is of the same ilk. They finally did what they said they would do.  They voted to disband their police department and have so far, voted to cut it’s police force budget to the bone. This is how these leftist radicals deal with rampaging criminals.  They neuter their police force. There are some who would say that anyone who would vote to do such a thing must be brain dead.  But that can safely be ruled out.  If the brain was totally dead, these city councilors couldn’t perform basic functions like eating, standing, walking, speaking or taking care of personal hygiene. So no, they couldn’t be brain dead.  The more common theory now is that they are perhaps suffering from a chemical imbalance of the cranium which causes the idiotic behavior they display. With the exception of our own local councilors Mike Flaherty and Ed Flynn and  one or two others on the Boston City Council, the chemical imbalance theory might be what’s causing a few of their council colleagues to come up with some of the wacky ideas they have.