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Will There Be Recounts, Lawsuits and SCOTUS Intervention?

Election 2020 Continued

In last week’s column I said I’d have more commentary on the election and here it is. And as most readers know, I am a Trump supporter, so you can probably guess where this will go.

We’ve all heard the news reports.  Joe Biden is now the president-elect.  And there is definitely a good chance he will be.  But news reports from the mainstream media don’t decide and certify elections in America, as much as they think they should be the one’s calling the shots and running the country. What will ultimately decide the election is when the ‘electors’ for the ‘Electoral College’ finally make that certification call. And coming up will be some recounts, lawsuits and maybe even an intervention by the United States Supreme Court.

Are these long shots?  Perhaps, But we shall see. When there have been so many voting ‘irregularities’ and alleged cheating, the American people have the right to know that their votes have been accurately counted.  But if  this still doesn’t change things in the end, whenever what many Conservatives consider to be bad news becomes reality, we can take heart with some of the positive results that took place on election day around the country such as:

At least 13 new Pro-Life Republican women have been elected to Congress. They are expected to go right to work when they take office pushing to save the lives of precious, innocent babies. Conservatives have taken over the federal court system from the top on down and can be counted on to prevent the radical leftists in America from turning our nation into a Third World Dump, as they have been hoping to do. It looks like the ‘good guys’ will be holding on to the US Senate and even more Pro Second Amendment candidates have been elected around the country.  

So, what’s next for American Patriots? As the saying goes “In Poker, you never tip your hand and in war, you never reveal the battle plans”. And we still have Donald Trump as President for at least another 2 months. I’m sure he will be quite busy solidifying all the good things he has accomplished and adding new ones to that long list as well. We had a good run, we will again at some point. One step back, 2 steps forward. Setbacks always serve to make Americans stronger and more determined.  

There are some other things to think about since election night; one of which are all of these ‘calls for unity and acceptance’ of the results of the election. But, there are many who don’t see it that way, especially since those calling for that unity and acceptance are some of the very same people, who for the last four years have refused to accept the results of the 2016 election.  In fact, not only did they refuse to accept those results, but they have fought tooth and nail trying nonstop to overturn those results.  The impeachment scam, the phony dossiers, the phone calls that never existed, the spying and constant harassment and obstruction of everything President Trump has tried to do.  There are few who doubt that there were many people on the left side of the political divide who would rather see America crash and burn than for Trump to succeed or even get credit for a thriving economy, great unemployment numbers, border security, no new wars and bringing home our troops and even getting recognized for receiving 3 Noble Peace Prize nominations. Add to all this, all the vile personal attacks on the president’s wife and children and it’s not an easy thing for his supporters to want to ‘unify’ with people who have acted that way for the entire length of his first term.

And now, we have Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, also called AOC among other things, who wants to compile an enemies list of all the Trump supporters in America. She says she wants to ‘Archive the Trump Sycophants’ for future reference.  Hitler did that in Nazi Germany. Anyone with an opposing view would get a visit from the Gestapo at some point and would be punished for daring to disagree with ‘Der Furor’. This is also a tactic in Communist countries even today. And to be blunt, there is not too much difference between the tactics of the Nazis and Communist and what some elected officials in the Democrat party.

Don’t believe it?  Just compare the positions on issues like freedom of speech, religious freedom , gun rights, taxes and much more held by some of this country’s leftists and dictators throughout history and into the present time. If AOC and the like thinkers in her party are going to compile such a list; a list of people ‘complicit’ in being supporters of the current president and the liberties that the Constitution of the United States guarantees, then I volunteer to have my name placed at the top of that list.