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They’re Still Shaken up in DC

QUOTE: “Liberal Democrat politicians were happy to allow your neighborhood to be burned to the ground. But when they themselves got a small taste of the rioting so many Americans have experienced, they militarized DC and cried about the ‘”trauma” they experienced. These people are beneath contempt”. This is a quote from one of my favorite bloggers Matt Walsh, that speaks to the heart of what’s going on in the halls of congress. Here’s another quote along the same lines:

“All of a sudden, Democrats like both walls and guns for protection”.  This is a quote with many authors; lots of Americans are witnessing the blatant hypocrisy on display by the left side of the political divide in this country.

The next words are all mine:  Maybe the members of congress who were hiding under their desks during the riot in DC as a mob penetrated the inner sanctums of federal power, now know how real Americans who were trapped in burning cities for 7 months felt. While the burning, looting and rioting was going on and police were ordered by radical, incompetent liberal mayors and governors to stand down, there were actually some members of congress making excuses for BLM and Antifa and expressing support for them; Pelosi included. Kamala Harris was even raising bail money for those relatively few who WERE arrested. The news media tried to convince us that these were just peaceful protests as they broadcasted live from the scene as the flames from the burning, looted buildings were clearly visible in the background. The media has no shame, but at this point, most people know that. We are constantly being told that the DC riot was so much worse than the BLM/Antifa ‘protests’. That’s because the DC protest affected them directly.

But the congress members and their media allies are STILL whining and in hysteria filled meltdowns and theatrics about how they feared for their lives. Some are like drama queens. So maybe the question to ask them is – How does it feel? The fact that they were silent while millions of Americans were living in fear all summer long and into the fall, but now demand protection for themselves, tells us that they sincerely believe that their lives and their safety is all that matters because they are so much more important than average Americans.

In America, that’s not how it should be.  Everyone is equal.  Thanks to our Founding Fathers, there is no monarchy or royalty in the United States as hard as that might be for so many of our elected officials to accept.

Let me now bring up another point about the dark side of the left wing in this country that should be, and is troubling to a concerned public.  There are so called ‘progressives’, in positions of power and influence who are pushing hard to not only censor any and all opposing views in  but they also, and they are stating this openly, want to punish  people who voted for President Trump. Their Nazi side is showing as they are advocating what they call ‘deprogramming’ people who voted for Trump and taking their children and sending them to be ‘reeducated’.  Hitler did that as did Stalin and Mao and as the Communist Chinese government is currently doing to the people of Hong Kong. This is coming from the Hollywood ‘elites’, some Democrat politicians and members of the news media. They are even talking about creating a new government agency to be deployed to the Southern States to begin the reeducation of Southerners because they vote Conservative. This past Tuesday, Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen demanding that every national guardsmen be vetted because he believes 75% of the military voted for Trump and cannot be trusted to protect the inauguration. Other politicians were worried that there are far too many white male soldiers among the 25,000 assigned and this posed a danger to security.

The above is fact, it can all be confirmed by simply looking it up or asking Google. And what it shows is just how dangerous and sick the left in this country is.  They want to dominate and control every aspect of the lives of free Americans. And anyone who speaks up about it must be silenced and punished. And we wonder why there is so much talk of another civil war brewing.

To close, the following question is being posed by many about how our tax dollars are being spent. And it’s a good question:  ‘Why are we seeing wonderful hospitals like St. Jude and the Shriners on TV every day almost begging for financial help when we send billions to foreign countries?  If the American taxpayer truly had a say in where their money is going, most would readily say to those hospitals and not to Pakistan, Honduras, El Salvador or to count how many red finned fish live in the Gulf of Mexico.