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While the Nation Is Hurting, Banning Children’s Books and Cartoons Is Their Priority


Progressive tears were flowing on Tuesday and it was reported that many of them were stunned into a frozen silence.  What’s behind this tragic crisis that is causing so many leftists to be even more miserable than usual?  Well, it seems that a school in Texas has as its sports teams’ anthem, a song called ‘The Eyes of Texas’.  This is a song popular in much of the Lone Star State and is a well-loved tradition and one that makes most Texans proud. But, as bad luck would have it, a group of liberals, many of them said to be from a few northern states, were bound and determined to attack the song for being racist.

I mean think about it, if you’re a ‘lib’, your train of thought is always about race and your goal in life is to find it everywhere. A good, practicing liberal can find racism in a pizza topping, so it should have been an easy task to find something racist about a school sports song in a Southern state, especially Texas – right? Well, unfortunately for the devastated liberals, every investigation had the same result. There was nothing racist or bigoted that could be found in the lyrics of ‘The Eyes of Texas’.  How could that be, and will the inquiring liberals ever recover from such a crushing disappointment? Stay tuned, as they are sure to try again.   

But they shouldn’t be disheartened. Just look at all the other things they were able to get banned recently. They took out Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Seuss, The Muppets and a bunch of very dangerous cartoons.  They got rid of Elmer Fudd’s shotgun and both of Yosemite Sam’s six shooters. Speedy Gonzales has been exiled to South of the Border, one of the few that went in the other direction and they made sure that Pepe Le Pew, the stinky, love sick French skunk was dropped from some upcoming movie roles.  There is a rumor going around that Fog Horn/Leg Horn, that other famous Looney Tunes character could be next on the list because he speaks with a Southern accent, so he probably flies a Confederate Flag from the front of his chicken coop. This is how these people spend their time. They are never happy but are even less so, if they have nothing to ban or cancel and no traditions to ruin.  The question is, when is the next full moon? Maybe, if they have something to howl at, they’ll give the rest of America a break from their insanity for a while.

The Biden Regime, Pelosi and Schumer are set to roll out their Covid-19 Relief package.  They are touting the fact that they will be granting $1400 checks to many Americans.  They are expecting big accolades and compliments because they will be giving away money; acting like it’s theirs to give. But what they don’t understand or maybe just want to acknowledge is that it’s not their money, it’s yours.  It comes from the taxes we pay. Which brings to mind this very important point: The money comes from us –  American citizens. 

So, what gives Congress the right to designate a mere 9 percent of the nearly 2 Trillion dollar amount to hard hit Americans and send so much of the rest of it to Central America, Egypt, Pakistan and half of the rest of the world? Why should so many other billions of it go to Pelosi and Schumer’s pet projects and why should the Blue States that were run into the ground by their corrupt and incompetent politicians get much more of it – bailed out, if you will, by Americans living in the Red States, whose governors and mayors did everything right and didn’t allow their cities to be burned to the ground?  

This is a major concern to the American public.  Congress acts like they are our rulers, and we are their subjects, and they have total say over how the money from hard working taxpayers is spent. Think about it. Congress decides that families and businesses that lost everything only deserve 9 percent of this enormous bundle of our own money from a package that was supposed to be to bring relief and help get Americans back on their feet. $1400 is but a drop in the bucket compared to what so many people have lost. 14 Thousand would be a much bigger help and it’s something that a 2 Trillion-dollar budget could handle easily, if it was designated to the people who its supposed to go to and who actually worked hard to put into the United States Treasury.