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Still Think Americans Weren’t Being Played?

be if we smuggled all of America’s homeless veterans into Mexico and then caravanned them back over the border to the US, they would get better treatment”. This is a quote going viral across the country and it’s not all that far from being accurate with the way Biden, or whoever is really running the country is acting. They are letting illegals, infected with Covid, known gang members, human traffickers and the Cartels swarm over the border.  They are now planning to fly them to the northern border to Canada to bring them in that way because it’s too unmanageable near Mexico.  And now, nearly 90 million dollars of taxpayers money has been set aside to house hundreds of them in hotels, room service included no doubt.

But our homeless veterans are not even a concern to these Democrat politicians. Another quote making the rounds reads –“When our borders are opened before our states, when do you realize we’re being played?” The left is actually trying to blame President Trump for the disaster at the border.  But even the Trump haters don’t really believe that. The border was well under control before the Democrats took over – and now it’s not. It’s as simple and as clear as that.

Think about it, the liberals and the media are raging at Governors like Ron DeSantis of Florida, because Its refuses to lock his state down and, by the way, Florida is doing just fine. How dare he not follow Dr. Fauci’s rules, his accusers pointing fingers at him say. But notice, the same people, especially those in the news media, are all in favor of letting untested, non-vaccinated illegals by the thousands roam freely in America. We don’t really hear the handwringing libs polluting social media or the media air waves saying anything about this at all.

Governor DeSantis is a good man. Former military Special Forces, he is a true patriot with a legitimate concern for all Americans unlike what’s currently running loose and in charge of the federal government. He can’t be bribed, bought off or intimidated and the liberals absolutely despise him for it. But he was determined to ignore their ridiculous carping and do what was best for his state and the people he was elected to govern. He protected small businesses and families and makes no apologies for it.  And the vaccination distribution in Florida is running smoothly as well. It must be nice to not have a RINO as governor.

Gun control is a big issue in the news once again. But the Boulder Colorado shooter doesn’t fit the profile that the media wants out there when it comes to mass shooters.  You see, Mr. Ahmad Al Issa was a Trump hater and was said to potentially have ties to ISIS and other terrorist groups.  It said so on his Face book page, so naturally, Face book immediately took down that page that they had been allowing to stay up for quite a while prior. So now there is another big publicity push by the left to ban so called ‘assault weapons’ and so many other types of firearms. Ten people were killed in Boulder and that is certainly tragic. It is getting a ton of media coverage and that’s fine. But in cities like Chicago, there are more than 10 people killed on a quiet Sunday morning and barely a word is said about it.  Of course, that’s because Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and it has just made the crime worse. Again, this is something that the media and the left really doesn’t want to talk about. Could it be that they consider the lives of people in Boulder more important than those who live in Chicago? Could it be – a racial thing? 

They are talking about banning assault weapons but what they really want is to ban ALL guns. And with the addition of nearly 9 million new American legal gun owners this year alone, it brings the total in the country to nearly 100 million citizens who own nearly 300 million firearms. They can pass all the laws they want, but if they think that the majority of Americans will comply, they will be in for a shock. Here’s an example for you.  A couple of years back, the feds passed a law banning ‘bump stocks’. There are literally over 12 million of them privately owned. Personally, I’m no fan of bump stocks, I do not own one. But many others do and refused to give them up. The penalty for not turning them in was a big fine and even jail time. The threat by the government was ominous.  Refuse to turn them in at your peril was the warning. But as the FBI can verify, virtually no one turned them in.  They are still out there and there is nothing that can be done about it. And after watching American cities being burned last summer while police were ordered to stand down, it will be a cold day in hell before Americans relinquish their Second Amendment right and the means to protect themselves and their families.