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Don’t Close The Border Because We Must Have Avocados

The story came out last Monday, April 1st, so naturally I figured it had to be an April Fool’s Day joke. But no, it was real. As one of the big and latest reasons the Open Borders and no Voter ID Laws crowd was using, as they demanded President Trump not close the Mexican border as he has threatened to do, was because there would be a shortage of avocados. (FYI: most imported avocados come in from Mexico in case you weren’t aware).

This was an effort to appeal to a certain pampered segment of the population, who place their own personal desires above the safety of the country. ‘He can’t close the border! We must have our avocados!’ was the latest battle cry. They would be more effective, if they emphasized that there would be far less opioids coming across. This argument would most likely appeal to a bigger market.  So to phrase it differently, we must allow criminals, MS-13 gang members, cartels, deadly drugs and human traffickers to continue pouring in, so that Americans can have their avocados. Of course, guacamole is made from avocados and we certainly can’t live without that. Hey, we all have our own priorities, I guess. To put it another way, so what if tons of deadly drugs keep coming in causing the deaths of thousands of Americans, mostly young – we must have our avocados. So far, at least, they aren’t claiming that denying Americans avocados is racist, but give them time.

The other border related issue over the weekend was the President’s threat to cut off aid to Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. He’s been warning those countries to stop the flow of illegals that the governments there have been allowing to come north, or else lose the aid the United States gives them and yet they continue to ignore him.  If he keeps his promise, they will get the message that they are no longer dealing with Barak Obama.

The President did however make good on his promise to sign his executive order mandating that free speech be allowed on college campuses or they will lose their government funding. And this is something that’s long overdue. Administrators, left wing professors and radical students have for too long been getting away with shutting down any speech that they don’t like and don’t want to hear. This is common practice in Communist and Socialist countries, but in the United State of America, no one gets to silence opposing views and get away with it or at least that’s how it should have been all along. The leftists that infect far too many college campuses and even some of our nation’s public grade schools now have been getting away with indoctrinating rather than educating their students and it’s been getting worse each year. The President’s move against offending colleges is a great first step and hopefully will be a message heeded by schools of every level. Of course, the colleges that are guilty of stifling free speech are outraged at the President’s executive order.  They apparently feel they have every right to punish students, who would dare express opinions these professors and administrators don’t approve of or agree with. They believe they should be allowed to restrict opposing views to small roped off sections on campus grounds and to certain times of the day. And this is what’s been happening. Again, this is how it works in Communist and Socialist countries, which are what some of these professors so desperately want this nation to become. Well, for the previous 8 years, there was no push back to this practice. But with the new sheriff in the White House, that practice will come to an end and campuses will once again be a place where all opinions and views are allowed and welcome