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Not in MY Backyard or NIMBY

Not in my back yard or NIMBY is what we’ve often heard over the years from people and organizations and government officials, when they want to place something or someone in the cities, towns and neighborhoods of others, but would never agree to allowing it/them into their own. Such is the attitude Americans witnessed last weekend with the illegal immigrant issue. It was at all at once serious and comical, but not at all surprising.

As we all know now, President Trump called the bluff of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her liberal minions, who control the so-called ‘Sanctuary Cities’. The President has been working to get funding to build the border wall and has been resisted every inch of the way. Though new sections of the existing partial wall are already in the process of being added, make no mistake, it is being built. Nonetheless, the flow of illegals is still a major problem.

So, the President put it to Pelosi and New Jersey’s Senator Corey Booker and California’s new flakey Governor Gavin Newsome and all the other advocates for open borders this way: You want illegals flooding our country? Well ok, I’ll send them to YOUR cities, while I’m building the wall. I’ll give you all you want.”

The reaction was at first shock, then it turned to stuttering disbelief and then of course outrage. ‘No, you can’t do that!!’ was the response. ‘It’s not legal!!’ was the wording in the next volley of frantic shrieks from the dazed and confused libs, who for months have been clamoring for Trump to show compassion and allow an unhindered stream of ‘downtrodden refugees ‘ to enter the country without even being vetted. And then they’d call him hateful and cruel, when he refused Pelosi & Co.’s demands. Hollywood air-heads like ‘Cher’, one of the world’s deep thinkers, and herself an advocate for open borders, had her mind boggled when she heard about the President’s plan and didn’t like it one bit, when she found out the city in which she lives, Los Angeles, would be the destination for thousands of illegals. And she correctly stated that Los Angeles has 50,000 homeless people living on the streets now that they can’t even take care of and that there was no way they could deal with an influx of refugees. As the paraphrased saying goes, ‘Even a broken clock is right once in a while’, and this was Cher’s turn to be that broken clock. But like so many other libs, she would be just fine, if they were bussed into cities and towns in Heartland America, where she wouldn’t have to deal with them or even see them. Their compassion does have its limits, I guess.

 Presidential candidate Corey Booker found himself admitting that bringing thousands of migrants to his New Jersey cities would be a dangerous thing. But it’s a sure bet that he’d have no problem if they were sent to Cody, Wyoming or Sanford, Maine.  And on it went as big city ‘progressive’ mayors, and socialist political candidates were so mad that they were almost spewing venom and calling President Trump cold, cruel and evil for even suggesting such a plan. This, by the way, from politicians, who are advocating for late term abortions and even ending the lives of babies after birth. Their own cruelty knows no bounds.

So many people on the political left constantly call this President stupid. Yet, he has a knack of easily outwitting them and out maneuvering them and has found a way to live in their heads – rent free – and driving them crazier than some of them already are.

 If you drive on many of the nation’s highways, you will see signs reading ‘adopt this highway’ or adopt a certain park or beach etc. How about putting ‘progressive’ compassion to the test and asking them to adopt an illegal alien or even a legal migrant to be responsible for, support and take care of into the future? How many takers do you think there would be? A good guess would be very few, if any. But sending them to places where others would be required to pay to feed, house, educate and pay for their medical care is perfectly fine, and should be law. And if you complain in any way, well, ‘you are a racist’.

So, America got to witness, once again, the hypocrisy of those on the left who lecture and scold everyone else but would never, ever do what they demand of others. It’s called NIMBY and it applies to almost every one of them. They should be ashamed, but of course they are not.