The Information Center – Accuse the Opposition of What You are Guilty of and Hope it Sticks

With the recent big stories in the national news this week (non-sports related – congratulations Red Sox), accusations are being tossed around by people on both sides of the political divide accusing the other side of being guilty of ‘Hate Speech’. It is this hate speech that many consider the reason for the violence that’s been flaring up in many locations. Those two big stories are of course the pipe bombs to Democrats and the attack of the Pennsylvania Synagogue, where 11 innocent Jewish worshipers were killed and others, including 4 police officers, were wounded.

The ‘Left Side’, of course is blaming President Trump and the rhetoric he uses during his rallies and the tweets he sends out. They blame him for solar flare ups on the Sun. But if we’re going to talk about hate speech and provocative rhetoric and so often the actions that coincide with it, let’s look at where most of the hate speech is really coming from.

We can start with the woman who just won’t go away, Hillary Clinton.  She openly tells Democrats not to be civil, unless her party comes back into power. Democrat Senator Cory Booker pleads with his followers to get up in the faces of their opponents.  Nancy Pelosi has recently threatened “collateral damage” against those who disagree with her, if she should regain the position of Speaker of the House. Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder wants his followers to kick their opponents when they are down. Democrat candidate for governor of the State of Georgia Maria Channele Nadal recently wished for the assassination of the president.

As was stated above, it has now gone beyond just words from those on the left. Yes, the guy who sent the pipe bombs around to Democrats is said to be a Trump supporter. The man who attacked the Synagogue is said to be a Trump hater. Both will hopefully be in prison for the next hundred years. The death penalty for the man who attacked and killed the worshipers is preferable.

But let’s look at the punks from ANTIFA and how they have been attacking Conservatives with baseball bats at rallies, burning buildings, smashing windows and assaulting police officers. Republican Headquarters in New York City was recently vandalized by them and shots were fired at the GOP office in a Florida city just last weekend. Republican politicians and their families have been harassed and forced out of restaurants and other public places, following the urgings of Rep. Maxine Waters. Some in the press, including some from the home of Fake News, CNN, applaud this harassment.

The New York Times ran a “fantasy story” about a future assassination of Donald Trump. We have the lefties from Hollywood like DiNiro who yell “F…Trump” at TV Award shows, Madonna who said she’d like to blow up the White House and of course Cathy Griffin posing with that bloody severed head resembling President Trump. The Liberals did express displeasure with her for that move but overall, they remain silent on all the other hate speech and acts of violence coming from their side. They wring their hands and express outrage at what they say is rhetoric coming from the president and his followers, but the fact is, 90% of it is coming from the left and they won’t condemn it.  In fact, some of them encourage it.

And in what is an example of the most blatant hypocrisy, some of these same politicians who are actually calling Trump anti-Semitic; who is anything but, are big supporters and close friends with the likes of Louis Farrakhan and routinely pose for pictures as they shake his hand and hug him. But here again, we hear no condemnation of the hateful rhetoric and actions coming from the left.

It’s a tactic the ‘progressives’ use.  Accuse your opponents of being what you yourselves actually are and hope the American public is still gullible enough to fall for it. We will see how this plays out, when the results come in from next Tuesday’s election.