The Information Center – Heading in the Right Direction

The Brett Kavanaugh saga, at least officially, is finally over. He is the newest Justice on the US Supreme Court and this is huge. It’s at least as big as any election, because he will help shape the direction the country goes in for decades. The rightward shift on the highest court in the land is now on a roll and the odds are President Trump will have at least one more, probably two and possibly even three picks before he leaves office.

When he was sworn in at the White House with his family looking on, you could see the smiles and the expressions of relief and pride on the faces of his two young daughters and wife. The harassment, the threats and the mud they were all dragged through was more than any family should have to endure.

The protesters, though they vowed to fight on, have drifted home. No doubt they await their next paid assignment. This makes Washington DC a much quieter place now that the sound of screaming, chanting and gnashing of teeth has come to an end.  There were many scenes during the protest that were noteworthy for their childishness and crudeness. But one, in particular, sticks in my mind for its total lunacy. It was the one where after the vote was taken and Kavanaugh was confirmed, a group of protesters went to the outside of the building and began pounding and clawing at the huge locked doors. A view of the video that was all over the news looked and even sounded like a scene from that TV show ‘The Walking Dead’ where the zombies are trying to break through the barriers of the compound.

The first reaction of many people at what these protesters were doing was ‘Oh my God, who ARE these people’. But then, that changed to amusement, and then to laughter. That adults, who refuse to grow up, would act like this, is one reason they are no longer taken seriously by the majority of the country.

Justice Brett Kavanaugh will do pretty much what he did when he was Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  He will be fair to all people. The Constitution of the United State will be his guide, as that is how it’s supposed to be. He will not try to write laws and policy to fit his personal ideology, like the liberals on that court have tried to do over the year. He will uphold the laws as the Founding Fathers intended and that’s what has made America great and kept it that way for more than two centuries.

Justice Kavanaugh will defend the Second Amendment and defend the rights of the nation’s now nearly one hundred million law abiding gun owners as the Constitution requires, protect tax payers, and will decide on issues in a way that will give the rich, the middle class and the poor citizens equal protection under the laws of the land. What makes me so sure about all of this? A check of his record and how he made decisions, when he was on the lower courts, pretty much tells us everything we need to know about the man’s fairness, his respect for the law and his incredible knowledge and competence.

During the hearings leading up to the confirmation and swearing in, certain elements of the opposition did all they could to make Kavanaugh appear as some sort of evil monster. They lied about his past and his record as a judge.  They smeared him and hit him with every sleazy tactic they could think of, using the same playbook once used against Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas. Schumer, Feinstein, Booker, Blumenthal, Hirono and others didn’t even try to hide their motives toward the end, because they were so desperate to stop him and destroy him. It’s just who they are. Now the country got a clear look at the type of people who occupy some US Senate seats.

But it’s pretty much over now. The threats to impeach are as ridiculous as the people clawing at the Supreme Court doors. It’s now time to get back to normal and to allow the country to function as it should without all the drama. We can all get a break now, until, of course, Justice Ginsberg steps down. If we thought this meltdown was entertaining…just wait for the next one.