The Information Center – “Out of the Mouths of Babes…”

Last week’s column touched on the topic of Fake News. Most Americans are now aware that Fake News is the tactic used by those in the main stream news media to mislead the public by slanting the way they cover a story to fit its agenda and make the public believe, not how something really happened but, how they want the public to THINK it happened.

This week’s case in point is the graduation at Taylor University in the State of Indiana.  Vice President Mike Pence was the invited Commencement Speaker. Most news outlets didn’t report on the graduation speech itself. They led with how ‘Students got up and walked out in protest as Pence began to speak. This they backed up with video footage showing students in their caps and gowns walking out. Of course, the video was edited to look like it was all or at least most of the students.  The full and complete video footage revealed that, in reality, only a couple of dozen students, led by a few professors, actually walked out and the nearly 500 other students not only stayed for the entire speech, but then rose and gave a rousing standing ovation to the Vice President. The press must really be frustrated by the fact that virtually everyone has a phone with camera and video now and are easily able to expose the media’s tricks.

Crazy California is back in the news.  Officials in Los Angeles were wringing their hand and complaining about the growing massive homeless population in that city.  Spokespeople were bemoaning the fact that no matter how hard they try to fix the problem it keeps getting worse with thousands of people living in tents and even in boxes along the streets of that city. They just can’t seem to figure out why.  

The average 12 year old can figure out why this is happening and one astute and very outspoken 12 year old from Oregon, visiting LA with his school group, told one reporter, on camera, the reason. He said the following: “Keep bringing in illegal immigrants and taxing people out of their homes and ignoring the needs of the veterans and it will get even worse, you California morons”. That saying, “out of the mouths of babes….” comes to mind.

Global Warming Fraud Al Gore got yet another setback last week.  In Glacier National Park, signs were put up near the glaciers there by environmentalists years ago with permission from park officials. The sign names the particular glacier and then reads that it will be gone by the year 2020 because of ‘Climate Change’. Well, 2020 is fast approaching but the glaciers are still there and have not melted at all. So, the signs have been quietly taken down because it’s an embarrassment.  But visitors noticed right away. They went public with it.  Al Gore and the Hollywood Climate Change crusaders could not be reached for comment.

Security on the southern border is beginning to take shape at an accelerating rate. More sections of the border wall are going up all the time; some of it even coming from private money. Mexico has finally realized that it is in its best interest to stop stalling, as they are sending troops to block the flow from Central America and people seeking ‘asylum will no longer be allowed to pull off the scam of crossing the border and disappearing into our country. Now they will have to remain in Mexico. Much of this happened because of the warning by President Trump that he will hit the Mexicans with tariffs, if they didn’t stop playing their games. Of course, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senatore Chuck Schumer and the other harpies on the left are outraged and slammed the president for using ‘threats and intimidation’ to accomplish this. But if that’s what it takes to get the job done – go for it. The President’s response to those critics was fast and right on target. He said the following: “It’s pretty bad when Mexico does more to help secure our border than the democrats”. Yup.