The Information Center – Parents/Students: Beware of Nutty College Professors

This deep into September, parents of college student, especially freshmen have started to lose those nervous jitters that so often come with their kids going off on their own for the very first time. They can relax a bit now figuring that the kids, now young adults, are all settled in and secured in a structured and safe environment under the watchful eyes of sane and responsible adults. But are they?

If you are a regular reader of this column, you know that often printed here are reports of the bizarre and loony actions of not only the students on campus, but also what we like to call some ‘nutty’ professors. As we know, there are the professors, who demand an end to Halloween costumes and Christmas trees and Thanksgiving and yes, even the flying of the American Flag on campuses across the country, as well as the creation of safe spaces and the end of free speech. Recently, we have learned about Mark T. Bird, liberal professor of sociology at the College of Southern Nevada, who hates President Trump so much, he wanted to send a message and really stick it to ‘The Donald’. So, Professor Bird, teacher of students and molder of young minds took a gun and shot himself, inflicting a non-fatal but very painful wound to his arm. Take THAT Donald Trump. There are some who say that liberalism is actually a mental disorder. Could they have a point?

Over at the University of Wisconsin, students, urged on by professors there, are demanding that ice cream stop being served on campus, because they have come to the conclusion that ice cream ‘marginalizes Muslims and Vegans’ and other minority groups. Why? Because some cultures do not eat some of the ingredients contained in the frosty treat. Now it seems that ice cream will take its place alongside peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, white milk, meat and certain flavors of sodas as being racist.

So, parents, you may not want to get too comfortable in the belief that your students are always in good hands and under the wings of responsible adults, while they are away at college. While the majority of professors are still there to actually educate students in the subject curriculum, it’s pretty much understood that, these days, some of the wackiest people to walk the earth are posing as stable educators, doing everything they possibly can to turn your children into left wing, Socialist, America hating radicals as nutty, as they are themselves. Sorry to be the one to break this news to you but, I think many of you may already know what’s going on at many colleges.

Moving on/ Many people are calling for the arrest and prosecution of former senator from Massachusetts and Secretary of State under Obama, John Kerry. The fact that Kerry, on his own, was secretly trying to salvage the terrible deal with Iran and undermine the current US Government is grounds for charges of treason, according to many legal pundits in Washington.

Kerry, while still Secretary of State, pushed hard to lock the US into a nuclear deal with a country that is listed as the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism. The deal sent hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the Iranians, which they use to destabilize the Middle East and other regions of the world.  They have been responsible for the deaths of American soldiers and civilians and continue to chant ‘Death to America’ and even did so while Kerry and Obama were sending them cash during the past administration.

It was bad enough that Kerry pushed this deal when he was in a position of authority while a government official. But the fact that he is secretly active in working with the Iranian government against the current US Policy makes it understandable that he would be considered a traitor by so many Americans. But then again, when you look at how he turned against the people he served with in Vietnam, it really comes as no surprise to most.