The Information Center – Paris Burning/Kid Rock vs. Joy Behar/ Evil Christmas Classics

Ordinarily I couldn’t care less about what goes on in France or any other part of Europe for that matter. Much of that continent still bows down to royalty and refers to them as ‘majesty’ and ‘highness’. America was smart enough to give monarchies the boot 200 years ago. But the rioting and turmoil that is taking place prompting pundits to proclaim, ‘Paris is on Fire’ relates to what could have been happening here if President Trump didn’t pull America out of the so called ‘Paris Climate Accord’.

The media would have Americans believe that all the fuss over there is that people are just upset about rising prices. It goes way beyond just being upset. France’s Socialist president announced a dramatic price hike in fuel. Tripling and quadrupling the price for gasoline, diesel and other fossil fuels that the average Frenchman, like the average American, depends on to power their vehicles, heat their homes and any number of other uses vital to living in the modern world all in the name of Climate Change. It will cause major hardship and sacrifice that the public there cannot endure and will not stand for.  And they are taking to the streets.

President Trump took a lot of heat when he took our country out of that agreement, because he knew that it would cause major hardship for Americans and would all but cripple this country’s economy. And the way the agreement was written, America would suffer the biggest burden of all and it would pretty much tax the eyes out of our citizens.

Elites, who fly around in their gas guzzling private jets, want the rest of us to pay exorbitant prices for fuel, so that they can feel good about themselves and claim they are doing their part to stop Global Warming.  But the burden never falls on the elites themselves, it always hurts the average citizens who can barely make ends meet. The sacrifice always falls on those who can least afford it. It’s how Socialism always winds up.

French president Emmanuel Macron will most likely learn that his actions will put an end to his political career, because of what he has done, and it will send a strong warning to all the other nations who fell in line like so many sheep, when they signed on to the Paris Climate Accord. President Trump had the foresight to not make such a mistake.

Joy Behar, one of the ladies of the TV show called ‘The View’, gets yet another mention in this week’s column.  She is feuding with singer ‘Kid Rock’, because he used the ‘B’ word to describe her. Well, MS Behar is very upset with Kid Rock.  She feels highly insulted and those on the left side of the political divide are attacking Kid Rock, nonstop. But he doesn’t care and is not backing down. And he has counter attacked by reminding all how Behar is known for spewing her anti-Christian hate speech on her show, making fun of Vice President Pence for his faith, calling Sarah Palin’s daughter a hooker, and routinely and viciously attacks everyone and anyone who doesn’t agree with her warped sense of values and politics. And it’s turning out that millions of Americans are siding with Kid Rock and feel that his opinion of MS Behar is dead on. I will add the new Kid Rock CD to my Christmas wish list this year.

The Christmas Season is now in full swing. And though this is among ‘the most wonderful times of the year’, filled with good cheer, spirituality, and beautiful festivity, it also brings out the grinches as well. Not able to ban Christmas Trees and Nativity Scenes as easily as they once could, some of the Christmas haters have switched tactics and are now attacking certain seasonal songs. Some are demanding that the song ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ a classic song since the 1940’s be banned from radio play, because they say it’s really about disrespecting women. ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ should be banned because it is really about bullying and bigotry. And of course, we’re told that the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas Story’ is racist. But strangely enough, some of these same ‘progressive’ voices demanding an end to these Christmas time classics have no complaints, as they listen to certain rap songs that glorify murder, rape, adultery, shooting cops and so many other types of debauchery.

Boston Herald columnist Jessica Heslam said it perfectly when she said some of these liberals who are so worked up about the Christmas classics are in desperate need of a nap.