The Information Center – Reflections on Memorial Day 2018/Why Roseanne Got the Ax

It’s being said by Americans all over the nation.  The enthusiasm with which our fellow country men and women celebrate Memorial Day; the TRUE meaning of Memorial Day, has made a huge comeback. That there are cookouts, barbecues, parties and trips to the beach and the mountains is a given.  This unofficial start to the summer season has all of these activities inter woven into the tradition of honoring America’s fallen heroes. But it is the honoring of those heroes and all they have given so that the rest of us can live in freedom that is on a big time rebound.

All across the country the reports of huge increases in the number of patriotic Americans attending Memorial Day parades, concerts, memorial ceremonies, visiting the grave sites of fallen heroes and church services honoring our veterans have been dominating the news. Real Americans (not the disgruntled malcontents) are once again proudly standing and loudly singing the National Anthem. The flyover by fighter jets at sporting events and other mass gathering always brings cheers but this year and last year too, those cheers seem to be much louder than during the previous 8 years.

There seems to be more American flags flying from homes and on people’s vehicles as flag and banner companies report a massive upsurge in orders that has them so busy, it is difficult to keep up with the demand. It’s no longer just the older citizens who sincerely utter the words ‘Thank you for your service’ when they see uniformed members of our military arriving at airports, coming off ships returning from long deployments or maybe just eating in a restaurant or shopping at a mall. Now, even children happily offer their thanks to soldiers, sailors, Marines and air force personnel when they see them because once again, that healthy respect that every service member has earned and deserves is being passed down to the younger generations and it’s a beautiful thing.

So as we reflect on this year’s Memorial Day weekend that has just passed, we can do so with gratitude and confidence that the important things that Americans have traditionally held dear to their hearts since we became an independent and free nation more than 200 years ago are once again in the forefront. It certainly bodes well for this nation’s future. And we can be confident as a nation that our veterans; past, present and future will always be honored and held in high esteem.

One of our readers wrote to us on Tuesday with a comment and asked a very good question. Her comment and question was regarding the announcement by ABC that they were cancelling the new and wildly popular ‘Roseanne’ TV Show. The writer said that if ABC made that decision because of racially charged ‘hate speech’ contained in a tweet Rosanne sent out about Valerie Jarrett, “ok fine”. She can understand that, if that is really ABC’s policy. But why, asked the writer, if that’s the standard that ABC wants to maintain, has it not also cancelled ‘The View’. The ‘ladies’ of the view have made statements so outrageous, hate filled  and off the wall that they make Roseanne Barr’s words look tame. Two examples is when Joy Behar called Vice President Mike Pence mentally ill because of his Christian Faith, along with other anti-Christian statements she has made and how about when Whoopi Goldberg proudly flaunted a shirt she was wearing that read ‘Make America Great Again’ and had a picture of President Trump shooting himself in the head with a handgun; blood splatter and all?

The writer asked a question so I answered her with my opinion. ABC was looking for any excuse to cancel the Roseanne Show because they hated her politics and they hated even more that millions of Americans; a record number in fact were tuning in each week to watch her and were pleased that she is an outspoken Trump supporter. She said something stupid and it was ABC’s opportunity to pounce. ‘The View’ is nowhere near as popular as Roseanne but it continues to be renewed, as unpopular as it is, because the network executives agree with the politics of the cast; hateful anti-Christian remarks and blood spattered Trump shirt and all. It’s how things work on network TV and is one of the biggest reasons it continues to lose viewers.