The Information Center – Sometimes You Just Have To Laugh

With all the shocking things and negative events in the news, sometimes, reports come along that are so silly that you just have to laugh and shake your head and marvel at the fact that there are people and organizations that are actually serious about the statements they make and the causes they push. I just can’t let this week go by without mentioning the recent statements by a few of them.

The entertainer, Kristen Bell, became even more entertaining a few days ago, when she declared that she would never let her children watch the movie or read the book about Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Why? Because the prince in the story actually had the gall to kiss a sleeping and comatose Snow White without first getting her permission.  Ms. Bell wasn’t joking. She was dead serious, even when she was reminded that this was a fairy tale and a cartoon. To Bell, this was sexual abuse that was unacceptable.

Then there was that organization called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, which proclaimed that those who drink milk should reconsider this practice because milk is a symbol of White Supremacy. They too were not joking. They were serious.

If we thought that Justice Brett Kavanaugh was free and clear of harassment, we were so wrong. Having failed to derail his confirmation by personal attacks against him and his family and false accusations of sexual misconduct when he was a teenager, his opposition brought in a group of witches to put a ‘Hex’ on the guy. Then, of course, there were Amy Schumer and Rihanna, who vowed that they would not be part of this year’s Super Bowl promotions, because they are protesting what they say is the unfair treatment of Colin Kaepernick. The fact that most football fans couldn’t care less what these two decided – and many were happy about the decision -seemed to go over their heads completely, because of their inflated egos.

Singer Taylor Swift announced that she would oppose a certain candidate for US Senate in Tennessee, only to see that candidate’s poll numbers jump by 15 points because of it. The ego is strong in this one. Ms. Swift should have backed the candidate she doesn’t like, if she wanted her to lose the election.

We live in an era where many celebrities truly believe that they are so popular that they merely have to express their preferences regarding any number of issues and fans will line up like sheep and follow their leads. The following statement, appearing all over social media as a message to these self-absorbed entertainers, pretty much sums up how most American feel about this. “Dear Singers and Actors, we spend our hard-earned money to hear your music and watch you pretend to be characters in movies and on TV. But your only job is to entertain us. You are significant only in your own minds and in the minds of your elitist peers. You are marionettes to us, nothing more”. Yup.

Continuing on with the ludicrous, California, as always, comes to mind. With all the problems that the State is going through, like a collapsing economy, schools and hospitals being overrun with illegal aliens, residents fleeing by the tens of thousands, because of the crippling taxes and regulations on everything. Not to mention, earth quakes, raging fires and droughts bankrupting them even more, their governor; Jerry Brown. aka Governor Moonbeam, has different priorities. He just signed a new bill mandating the regulation of cow flatulence. Folks, we can’t make this stuff up.  The bill passed by the loon-dominated state legislature is Senate Bill #1383. This helped make the State of California an even bigger laughingstock. But here again, these California politicians are serious. How do they plan to regulate cow flatulence? By requiring every dairy farmer to purchase expensive devices called ‘methane digesters’ which they believe will control the methane gas emitted by the cows. By the way, this will cause the price of dairy products to skyrocket, but that’s ok. Better to give people another reason to leave the state than to appear politically incorrect. Chalk up yet another screwball idea to California Dreaming.