The Information Center – Tell us again Senator Warren. What’s the REAL Problem?

There have been times, in fact, many times over the years when it has been said that we have some politicians in the northeast, who seem to constantly shake the ‘crazy stick’ at the rest of the country. That statement, at least in my opinion instantly brings to mind the image of Senator Elizabeth Warren.  It’s not bad enough she has put herself in the same camp as those other radical politicians, demanding that ICE be abolished. Now some would ask – could she actually be serious?

If you have to ask that question, you haven’t been paying attention to the Socialist nonsense she has been spouting for years now.  Yes, she is serious.  But her attitude in response to the tragic and brutal murder of Mollie Tibbets by an illegal alien pretty much tells me all I need to know about the woman and where and with whom her priorities lay.

Like most Americans, I never thought I’d ever see the day when some of our elected officials were more concerned about illegal aliens, including the dangerous criminals among them, than about the well being and safety of American citizens. But listening to the words and watching the actions of some of those in Congress and in the US Senate and the mayors in cities like New York, Chicago, San Francisco etc., all members of the radical wing, which now seems to be the dominant wing of the Democrat party, it would be difficult to come to any other conclusion.

When asked by the news media her thoughts on the killing she half heartedly said she understood how Mollie’s family must feel, but that they need to understand what the real problem was.  And that problem was the separation of families on the border.  The so-called separation of families at the border was going on all through the Obama Administration, but we never heard a word from Warren then now did we?  And it’s now been exposed that many of the so-called parents of these children sneaking across the border aren’t really their parents at all. It’s a scam, as adults claim to be their parents to gain access into the United States. But Warren knows this and doesn’t seem to care. She has her agenda and will not let facts get in the way.

Here’s something else that many Americans would agree with. If Senator Warren thought for one minute that the illegals sneaking into the country would vote for Republicans, she would be on the border herself, complete with hard hat, building that wall.

I won’t even dwell on the controversy which got Senator Warren nick named ‘Pocahontas’ by the President or the outrageous sums of money paid to her for teaching one course at Harvard, as she rails against the rich and corruption. Those stories are well known to all by now. But when we have a US Senator, who all but brushes aside the ongoing murders of Americans by people illegally in the country; people who continue to return here after being deported and committing murder as if it were something being made far too much of, I and I know many of you as well don’t believe for a second that she has the best interest of this country in her heart.

It’s also been stated that the reason Elizabeth Warren came to Massachusetts to run for office, instead of doing so in her home state of Oklahoma is because she’d be lucky to receive a dozen votes there. It seems those who know her best, like and trust her least.

Senator Warren spends a lot of time shrieking and bellowing about how corrupt Wall Street is, yet she’s done quite well by them financially. As of late, she has attacked America’s police and law enforcement, siding with anti-police organizations and calling America’s justice system ‘Racist, front to back’, implying that our country’s police officers cannot be trusted to do their jobs fairly. Because of her anti-police and anti-law enforcement statements, she has earned the wrath of police across the nation. But she doesn’t much care, because she is playing to her radical leftist base which has nothing but contempt and hatred for our police, our military and our country as a whole.

What’s written here today just might make some of my readers upset with me. And that’s fine. Some are Democrats and a few of them always seem to demand party loyalty above all else. Well, I’m no longer a Democrat, haven’t been for a while now, but even if I was, when it comes to the well being of my country vs. party loyalty, you know where you can put party loyalty don’t you?