The Information Center – Terrorists Training Kids to Shoot up US Schools Gets a Yawn from the Press

The main stream news media in this country has been taking a pounding during these last several years over what is perceived by a rapidly growing percentage of the American public as its unfair, biased and slanted political agenda that is constantly reflected in its reporting of the news. While some old time media pundits and apologists would have people believe that the press is the cornerstone of our democracy and the protector of the nation’s freedom oh, and can do no wrong,  millions of our fellow citizens are convinced that those in the media no longer report the news as it happens but believe it’s their job to create and shape the issues to coincide with its ideology. You see, to the media’s unwavering and unashamed cheerleaders, if you dare criticize the press, it is a type of blasphemy against all that is noble and good. The term that comes so often now to the minds of clear thinking folks is ‘Fake News’. After watching the pouting and preening by some of these arrogant and childish news casters and some who make up the White House Press Corps, it’s pretty apparent that some of them think that THEY should be running the country.

This brings me to an issue that should have been the lead story on every TV channel, radio station and newspaper headline and social media site. But in most cases, it was just a half heartedly covered topic that was given quick and sparse attention and all but dropped just as fast. I’m speaking about what police say was the Islamic terrorist compound in the New Mexico desert, where it was reported that children were being recruited and trained to commit school shootings. The leader of the compound is said to have connections with other known terrorist characters, some dating back to the first World Trade Center bombing.

Think long and hard about this: Alleged Islamic terrorists training children as young as 11 years old to go into American schools and murder American kids. Had this adult been a member of the NRA, which he never would be, or even a member of an Evangelical Christian church the media coverage would be a 24/7 lead story everywhere.

Child psychologists would be speaking on panels, day and night, discussing the emotional damage. Calls for more gun control would be shouted from every corner of the earth. Demands to boycott the NRA would be shouted from every mountaintop. And of course, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar and the rest of the ‘Ladies’ of ‘The View’ would have spittle dripping from the corners of their mouths, while blaming Donald Trump. It’s the same movie rerun that plays out constantly in the press. But this is not happening. Because here again, it doesn’t fit with the news media playbook.

Where is David Hogg, and the rest of the sullen student phonies and their protests? Hardly a mention of it on late night Hate TV with Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Kimmel? Because it’s just not what they want to hear, and they certainly don’t want us to hear about it for long, so they make short work of the story, quickly get back to bashing Trump and ignoring a booming economy – something else that ruins their miserable lives.

The way today’s modern news media has been acting is apparent to all, even to its staunchest defenders. But those defenders are just fine with it because to them, a fair and honest press is the last thing they want. They want a press that they can count on to bash and trash Conservatives, the police, the military and traditional America, relentlessly. They consider a corrupted left-wing media to be an ally in their dream of one day bringing down the greatest country the world has ever known. Fortunately, there are more than enough patriotic Americans to never allow that to happen.