The Information Center – Thanks for the Feedback. It’s Very Much Appreciated

The column I wrote recently about the drug epidemic that has hit South Boston and so many other communities around the country, and the suggestions made by President Trump 2 weeks ago in a speech in New Hampshire, brought in a huge response. Letters, phone calls, emails and literally thousands of hits on this newspaper’s social media pages poured in and are still coming. The President made it clear that, while he wants to make treatment available to those addicted to drugs, he would be in favor of giving the death penalty to drug dealers and traffickers in certain situations. One such situation would be if the drugs sold by a dealer could be proven to have caused the death of someone, Capital Punishment should be on the table and I agree. This community has seen enough families devastated by the poison being sold to local youth by dealers and want much more than slaps on their wrists as penalties. Of course, there is also a case to be made for giving them miserable life in prison sentences with hard labor in northern Alaska, as one of our readers suggested. This topic brought up the subject of building a wall by many who contacted us.

Saying a huge part of the flood of dangerous drugs is coming from America’s southern border is not some made-up story to promote the wall. It’s a fact confirmed by law enforcement officials all over the country and on the local, state and federal levels. But let’s put that thought on hold for a minute and move this conversation to the West Coast. If you’re a regular reader of this column you know that the State of California is often the target of jokes and barbs here. Many times, I’ve labelled the place as one filled with reality-challenged kooks and nuts that live in a fantasy world because, well, it is. But it does the heart good to mention that, thankfully, not everyone in ‘Cali’ is 5 beers short of a six pack. Many Californians, embarrassed by the crazy progressives, who have been elected to public office there and run the state like a circus side show, are rising up.

As most know, California has been designated as a ‘Sanctuary State’, whereby every town and city, according to that state’s law signed by their Governor Moonbeam uh, I mean Jerry Brown, is now supposed to refuse to cooperate with federal officials, primarily ICE. As a consequence, they find themselves protecting illegal immigrant criminals including murderers, rapists and even gang members affiliated with drug cartel members. But now, to the dismay of Cali’s progressive state officials, California towns are rebelling and saying they will not cooperate with the Sanctuary State law. Already the towns of Los Alamitos, Aliso Viejo, Buena Park and Huntington Beach are moving to buck the law. Even officials representing all of Orange County are moving in that direction with many others said to be getting ready to do the same. They say to go along with the California law would be a violation of the US Constitution and they won’t do it. Finally, some sanity is coming from the Left Coast.

Which brings me back to the topic of the wall(s). Prototypes are already being looked at as many American companies are presenting their designs for the southern border wall. But other walls are being talked about as well, perhaps jokingly but with a degree of seriousness and some hope. Arizona Congresswoman Martha McSally implied that she is so tired of the nonsense coming from California and the anti-American actions coming from that state’s leaders that she’d like to see a wall go up along her state’s border with California to keep Californians out of Arizona.

Many Canadian citizens have taken to social media saying how relieved they are that they don’t have to build a wall on their own southern border. Their wall would serve to keep Hollywood actors and actresses out. You know, the ones who threatened to move to Canada as a result of President Trump’s election. These Canadians expressed relief that so far, there has not been the flow of Tinsel Town refugees that was promised. They can breathe a sigh of relief that Rosie O’Donnell, Cathy Griffin and Snoop Dog have not yet arrived and probably never will. But again, we can always hope they will eventually decide to change their minds, cross the border and embarrass our neighbors to the north for a change.