The Information Center – The 2018 Midterm Elections Prove Voter ID Is A Must

Tampering with our elections? It seems we’ve been spending so much time investigating the Russians on this issue that we completely ignored our own home-grown cheats. Dead people still on voter registration lists, some of whom miraculously have shown up to cast their votes. Illegal aliens and other non-citizens have been voting by the thousands. Precincts in some large cities having more votes cast than there are registered voters. The group of Democrat party activists arrested in a massive voter fraud ring in Texas was an eye opener. And in Florida, it’s the usual mess with thousands of ballots mysteriously showing up after the voting was complete. And even though the Supervisor of Elections in Broward County, Brenda C. Snipes, had been caught manipulating voting ballots in previous contests, she’s still at her job accused of doing the very same thing. How? Why?

It’s pretty wide spread and with darn good reason that a huge percentage of the American public is no longer confident in the integrity and fairness of the electoral process in America. Voting is one of the most important things that have helped make our nation great and now it has been corrupted and cheapened by radical partisan hacks that couldn’t care less about having honest and fair elections.  They believe winning an election by any means necessary is what must be done. And that includes lying, cheating, stealing and whatever form of manipulation will lead to a victory for their side.

Elections are so important to what makes America so great that committing election or voter fraud should not just be a felony – it is. It should also come with heavy fines and lengthy prison terms for any and all persons found guilty.

Look how blatant the attorneys for the Democrat candidates for Governor and US Senate in Florida were over the weekend, when they actually demanded that the votes of non-citizens be allowed to get counted. Clearly illegal, the attorneys were not even the slightest bit embarrassed when they made their outrageous demands. This is how little some people care about following the rule of law. Apparently if the only way you can win an election is by stealing it, well so be it, the law be damned.

It used to be meant as a joke when people said “vote early and often” or when political cartoons showed campaign workers at cemeteries copying names from headstones and placing them on voter registration lists. But apparently it really does take place, a lot. Maybe what needs to happen from now on during every election in every precinct with a shady history is to post a US Marshal and/or ICE Agents at each of those polling locations.

If the election of 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that showing a valid identification before being allowed to cast one’s vote is desperately needed; now more than ever. Voter ID laws should become the law of the land. As is so often now said, if we must show identification to drive, open a bank account, get on a plane, apply for a job, adopt a pet, get hunting and fishing licenses and even make a purchase of cold and flu medicine at the local pharmacy, an ID should also be required to vote. It’s among the most important things an American citizen does and everything that needs to be done to make sure the process is corruption free should be. The motives behind those who so adamantly oppose voter ID laws are pretty easy to figure out. It becomes more apparent with each election.