The Information Center – The DC Circus Has Been Held Over For Another Week

Because of print deadlines, I’m writing this column on Tuesday, October 2nd.  We all thought that by this time the decision on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme would have already been finalized and voted on. But, as we all know, the desperate delay tactics by the minority party in the Senate prevented that from happening. So, what has proven to be an embarrassing circus for the nation was continuing.

There were some who complained that Judge Kavanaugh came on too strong and much too angry when defending himself from the charges that he sexually assaulted a woman at a party in 1982 when he was 17 years old. But who wouldn’t be angry? Here is a man who has had a stellar career all his life and is considered one of the finest legal scholars in the country with a flawless and highly praised record both in his public and private life, including as a federal judge. But all of a sudden and at virtually the last minute his name is being dragged through the mud and he has been hit with unproven charges, which the main stream media has sensationalized and treated as fact.

The judge was angry?  I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be if their wife and children were being harassed, insulted and threatened. Vile, nasty cartoons in the media about his 10-year-old daughter have appeared. He has been called a liar, a drunk, violent, a serial rapist and other names that we could never and would never print in this newspaper. One national outlet said that Judge Kavanaugh should not be allowed near children. There is no level of smear, sleaze and slander too low for his detractors to sink to and yet they are shocked that he became angry in his response. The man has every right to be angry.

Democrat Senators demanded a new FBI Investigation.  It was another delay tactic, everyone knows it, but they got it.  But it STILL wasn’t enough.  And does anyone doubt that if the investigation found without a doubt, that the incident he’s being accused of never happened, that the opposition still would not be satisfied and that they would demand more delays? Very few people are that naïve. It just wouldn’t matter to them.  They would still insist that Dr. Ford was a victim and Judge Kavanaugh was the attacker. It’s not the truth they are after.  It never was. The goal is to block Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court and whatever dirty trick is needed to accomplish that is acceptable to them. That they look bad to most Americans doesn’t concern them.  Their base voters don’t seem to be bothered with corruption, as long as it gets the results they want. They assume that the rest of the country will forget the dishonest tactics they used before the next election.  But this time, they may have miscalculated.

Here again, the question must be asked – who are these people to sit in judgment of anyone? Just look at them. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D, Connecticut). Are you kidding? The guy now nicknamed ‘Stolen Valor’, lied to the voters for 15 years, claiming to have fought in battles during the Vietnam War yet never stepped foot in that country. Senator Diane Feinstein (D, California), employed a Chinese Spy on her payroll and Senator Corey Booker (D, New Jersey), admitted to sexually assaulting women. In fact, he wrote a column about it. These are the people questioning the morality and character of Judge Kavanaugh. They should be ashamed of themselves, but they really don’t have to be because they are well aware that, to many liberal voters in their home states, these offenses are actually considered resume enhancers.

You know what would truly be justice served? If Kavanaugh ever does get confirmed, he is sworn in by none other than the great Clarence Thomas. That would be the perfect way to conclude this whole episode. The number of heads that would explode in Washington, in Hollywood and in ‘progressive’ enclaves all over the country would be astronomical.

But again, it’s important to remember and prepare. If Judge Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed, without breaking stride a bit, the next Trump nominee must be supported with even more effort. It’s time to lock in the US Supreme Court for decades to come to bring America back from the brink of the leftists succeeding in turning the country into something resembling a combination of the old Soviet Union and the Jerry Springer Show.